Fixed Asset Management Software Freeware: Understand the Terms

The term fixed asset management software freeware describes software that is distributed at no cost, although its copyright or ownership remains with its original developer. Anyone can download and use it. Fixed asset management software freeware differs from free software. Free software allows anyone to copy it, modify and improve upon it, and distribute it without restrictions.

Fixed asset management is so vitally important for the health of any organization, whether it be large or small. Although fixed assets encompass plenty of items, from office furniture, vehicles and office space to smartphones, monitors, and printers, IT assets are where companies typically recognize the value in fixed asset management software freeware. Companies are busier than ever, and they need a means to track and manage their IT assets – a solution that automates much of the process, gives them peace of mind and allows them to get back to work.

IT equipment is likely to be the single biggest investment you’ll make within your organization. Unfortunately, your IT assets are also common targets for theft and are often lost due to the fact that your employees take some of these items home, on business travel and other locations. If your IT assets aren’t secure, then you’re also placing your company and/or your clients at risk, as well, in the event of theft or loss. A good fixed asset management platform gives you 24-hour visibility into the exact location of your IT and other equipment.

IT assets must be periodically updated during their lifespan, which averages between three and four years. Fixed asset management software freeware can help you establish and stay on top of equipment refresh schedules, so you keep your equipment in good working order throughout its lifespan, and adequately plan and budget for their replacements when necessary. You can set up notifications and alerts and prevent equipment breakdown. When a vital IT asset stops working, productivity screeches to a halt, potentially affecting the other projects on your schedule. When employees can’t do their jobs, morale is affected. Your IT support staff is inundated with calls. Delays impact your customer service, as well. The right asset management platform will serve up specifics about the condition of any of your IT assets, including their respective maintenance histories, warranties, and insurance policies.

Each year, the respective values of your IT assets, like all of your fixed assets, must be reported for accounting and compliance purposes. Without real-time and accurate data, companies resort to guesswork. Unfortunately, mistakes are costly.

The bottom line is this: Any company that wants to remain competitive and is a good steward of its resources can’t afford to implement a powerful, flexible and yet easy to use asset tracking system. Asset Panda, the most powerful asset tracking platform in the world, delivers the entire lifecycle of your vital assets to the palm of your hand. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud and don’t require additional hardware to use. All you need are the smartphones and tablets you and your employees already carry. Incredibly intuitive, flexible and completely customizable, Asset Panda empowers you to track your assets any way you want. You won’t need any training to get up to speed, and you can add as many users as you want at no extra cost. With Asset Panda, you can track everything from location and condition to value, check-in/check-out status, warranty, lease/purchase information and much more. It’s also easy to create custom notifications, alerts and reports and set up custom security settings according to your unique needs. Asset Panda brings all of your stakeholders into the conversation, raises the bar on accountability, maximizes the lifespan of your IT assets, and eliminate guesswork, loss, and theft.

This video explains how Asset Panda helped a local police department stay on top of refresh dates, and remain in compliance with regulations:

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