The Integration of Freshservice With Asset Panda Brings Exceptional Service Delivery To The Help Desk

Businesses large and small across every industry strive to deliver excellent service delivery and customer satisfaction. When companies are looking for ways to help employees do their jobs better, faster and smarter, there are a lot of options to consider. This is especially important when it comes to a company’s service desk and IT service management staff. As IT service management evolves toward a “next-generation” model with increased attention to mobile support, automation, analytics, and self-service, the integration of Freshservice with Asset Panda can be easily configured when it comes to help desk ticketing systems.

Many companies rely on their IT equipment as the backbone for everything they do. The process of handling and tracking a large number of IT assets has become too time-consuming and keeping up with the growing number of maintenance requests and help desk tickets is overwhelming. The integration of Freshservice with Asset Panda is changing that, allowing for more asset tracking services for connected devices through Asset Panda like repairs, work orders, acknowledging and tracking tickets, check in/out, disposals and location tracking.

Like Asset Panda, Freshservice is a cloud-based platform that integrates the service desk and IT service management (ITSM) solution with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes to provide great customer service to its users. With its simple user interface, ease of use, speed of setup, and customer service, Freshservice focuses on solving an organization’s internal IT issues by allowing the help desk to link incidents, service requests problems and changes with any given assets through Asset Panda. Employees can manage inventory and study the health of an asset and proactively diagnose potential threats.

Every incident and service entered through Freshservice gets ticketed, categorized, marked, tracked and resolved with the service desk solution. Once entered, incidents are tracked through Asset Panda and can help companies identify trends or common occurrences during the lifecycle of an asset. Help desks can prioritize and assign tasks based on the impact and urgency, resulting in a quicker resolution, workaround and response

The integration of Freshservice with Asset Panda ensures that any device detected on the customer’s network and its affiliated data such as IP address, serial number, maintenance records, etc. can be detected by Freshservice and pushed in real time into Asset Panda.

Asset Panda provides organizations a simple way to solve the problem of tracking and managing the assets they own. Asset Panda’s asset tracking and management platform feature an intuitive interface that makes it easy to work from anywhere, on devices employees are already using. That means users have quick and easy on-demand access to everything they need to know about their company’s assets and can access the information they need, when they need it, from wherever they happen to be working.

Asset Panda optimizes and streamlines everything from auditing to facilities management, equipment support ticketing, compliance, and purchase order management. Users can create custom reports and use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk to cut down on support call volume. The app syncs with the cloud, so data is always in real-time. Asset Panda is highly configurable, so it can become whatever companies need it to be, and adjusts as their needs change.

Asset Panda continues to revolutionize the way companies track their assets. With the integration of Freshservice, they are changing the functionality of the help desk and making it in fact, helpful. See how you can offer better customer service and accountability to your organization by adding Asset Panda and Freshservice to your tracking capabilities. For more information and a free 14-day trial, visit


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