The Value of an Office Inventory System in a Disaster

Fires. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Disasters – whether natural or man-made don’t discriminate. The path of destruction they leave behind are both materials as well as financial and emotional. Natural disasters strike almost 30% of businesses and 1 out of 5 businesses will never reopen after a disaster. That’s why incorporating an office inventory system is so important for businesses of every size and industry.

When a disaster hits your place of business, you are not going to recall off the top of your head an up-to-date inventory of every piece of equipment in your office. Chances are even better that you won’t be able to relay the year you got each piece of equipment, serial numbers, most recent upgrades or what condition it was in. That’s where an office inventory system as part of an overall asset tracking and management platform comes into play.


"People need to be ready to perform tasks related to asset management anytime/anywhere."


Ditch the Excel Disaster

In the past, when companies needed an inventory solution, many of them used spreadsheets to help them keep track of their equipment and supplies. This was an “okay” solution at the time if one person was handling the office inventory and inventory was at a minimum. But as companies grow, so does the equipment used in the office and the number of employees who are using said equipment. Once there is more than one person needing access to asset and inventory data, the entire operation is difficult to maintain.

Errors begin to pop up. Data isn’t entered correctly … or at all. Items are being lost or misplaced and companies are eating the cost to buy replacement items for equipment that’s still there but just not in the right place.

And if there is a disaster of some kind, and the excel sheet is kept on one of the destroyed computers, you can kiss your asset spreadsheet good-bye, along with all the data that has been stored over the years, never to be retrieved.

Get Your Space in the Cloud

Because of the potential loss of important data, many companies are moving towards cloud-based services, and that includes their office inventory systems. People need to be ready to perform tasks related to asset management anytime/anywhere. People are highly trained in the usage of their mobile devices via their daily personal and professional activity on them. They would much rather use the device they know best to do the work they need in the field. A cloud-based office inventory system has many benefits for times of normal operations as well as when disaster strikes:
  • Saves time and money
  • Better information/decision making
  • Eliminate lost records
  • All information stored in one location
  • Know everything you need to about your assets
  • All data is secure
  • Data is accessible

As society becomes even more mobile, thanks to the advent of the cloud, data is accessible all the time. And that’s especially important if a business is damaged or even destroyed. Data kept in the cloud is secure and accessible, even if the business itself is not.

Avoid Insurance Hassles

After a disaster of any kind, insurance providers require documentation of your damaged or lost inventory. By incorporating an office inventory system and keeping it up to date, business owners are able to easily demonstrate ownership and value of all assets that are damaged or destroyed. Without proof, the insurance company does not necessarily have to believe you ever had possession of the items you are claiming. Accurately tracking office inventory to show insurance adjustors gives businesses a better chance that the lost assets will be covered after a disaster, saving valuable money necessary to rebuild to start over.

Asset Panda has set the precedent of innovation and is recognized as a powerful, highly intuitive mobile ecosystem that tracks assets and equipment throughout their respective life cycles and closes the communication loop among stakeholders. Powered by free Android and iPhone/iPad apps that sync with the cloud, Asset Panda’s asset tracking and management platform feature an intuitive interface and completely customizable features that enable employees to work from anywhere, on devices employees are already using. That means they have quick and easy on-demand access to everything they need to know about their company’s assets – especially important should a disaster ever strike.

When it comes to implementing an office inventory system, many companies think they will never need it. But when an emergency or disaster happens, being aware and prepared is the best defense. See how Asset Panda can help you prepare with a free guided tour and quote.


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