Fixed Asset System Tracking

Fixed asset system tracking is the process of managing the equipment vital to any organization, whether large multinational or lean startup. One of the administrative challenges faced by every organization is tracking the location, condition, maintenance and depreciation of assets. This information changes all the time, as equipment moves from one department to another, or outside of the building to vendors or service providers. Traditional asset tracking has relied upon manual processes like spreadsheets, which are vulnerable to human error and all too often aren’t kept up to date. The result is that companies lose track of their equipment, fail to maintain it and have to replace it sooner than they would have with a more efficient tracking system. In the worst-case scenarios, organizations don’t know what kind of fixed assets they own or how much money or time they’re losing annually thanks to the resulting inefficiencies.

Asset Panda offers the most powerful and user-friendly mobile asset tracking system on the market – and at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. With Asset Panda, organizations have complete control over the management of their assets and inventory – entirely from the mobile devices their employees already carry. This integrated system combines free apps, the cloud and built-in mobile scanner, eliminating the need to purchase other costly hardware and software. Our clients can add as many users as they wish, and customize fields to reflect their specific needs. From the palm of your hand or on the web, Asset Panda gives you real-time information on the check- in/check-out status of equipment, what condition those items are in, their repair histories and maintenance schedules. The information upon which your accounting and compliance teams need is within easy reach. Your built-in barcode scanner helps you locate in a matter of seconds specific items you’ve logged into the Asset Panda tool. You can generate automated, customized reports and communicate when items need repair or replacement. Fixed asset tracking vastly improves the management and integrity of your asset-related information, eliminating the human error associated with manual processes, and taking the guesswork out of repair and replacement decision-making. Our service-desk capabilities also allow you to schedule maintenance or request work orders, effectively reducing your support calls.

Asset Panda is a flexible tool, enabling you to tie your assets to multiple books or kits. The tool includes configurable reporting for compliance, straight line depreciation and asset appreciation calculation. Additional features include user field and user location security, plus area user level security within locations, open API, custom electronic signature, custom notifications, social media integration, custom reporting, the ability to track non-traditional assets and much more. Although it’s the No. 1 mobile and SAAS asset tracking system in the world, Asset Panda is incredibly easy to use. Training isn’t required, but our customer service staff is always at your fingertips if you have any questions, ready to support you in real time both in the field and globally. Best of all, Asset Panda is extremely affordable – and that’s because we don’t have hardware or software licenses to pay for upgrades, and our customers don’t have to purchase separate barcode scanners. Fixed asset system tracking is vital to the health of every organization. Asset Panda’s simple and powerful platform empowers you to track your equipment exactly how you want, saving you significant and measurable time and money.

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Rex Kurzius

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