Fixed Asset Tracking: How a Frisco-based Company Is Revolutionizing the Market


Companies are looking for an asset-tracking platform capable of handling more than simply tracking their fixed assets. The solution comes from Asset Panda, a Dallas-based company that is revolutionizing how companies run their businesses. Their platform is more than just a fixed asset-tracking tool. It’s an ecosystem, where companies are able to track, manage, and support their assets. Asset Panda saw a need to consolidate the functions of several software applications into one platform.

Their system closes the communication loop between every department through its mobile enterprise service desk platform. Users across an organization can schedule service and maintenance requests within Asset Panda’s mobile app. Furthermore, customers have real time tracking ability, which ensures data integrity, efficiency, and accountability. With the implementation of Asset Panda, businesses will save money by vastly reducing the number of support calls the organization receives, all in one easy-to-use platform.

“We listened to our customers and in partnership with them we designed a tool that makes our clients’ lives better,” said Rex Kurzius, Asset Panda founder and CEO. “We listen hard and change fast. Our goal is to deliver a solution that is flexible and that adapts to the way our customers work.” The mobile enterprise service desk platform exemplifies Asset Panda’s vision. It delivers a revolutionary solution to an every day problem that companies face.

Asset Panda launched in 2012 by Rex Kurzius and is headquarted in Frisco, TX. It provides a powerful platform for businesses to track, manage, and support their fixed-assets. Asset Panda is a cloud-based software coupled with mobile apps where every account is a premium account and every feature comes standard. Accounts have access to unlimited users, unlimited mobile devices and unlimited locations. Asset Panda offers a free 14-day trial to prospective customers. For more information, go to


Christiana Leal

Christiana worked as Asset Panda's Digital Marketing Manager in 2015 and has gone on to work in content management, advertising operations, and community moderation.

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