Benefits of Barcode Asset Tracking Software for Small Business

technologies-in-small-businessesIf you’re a small business owner, you undoubtedly grapple with how to run your operations as efficiently as possible, curb waste, maximize your profit and keep clients and customers happy. Barcode asset tracking software can be a powerful tool for helping you meet all those objectives, and more.

Guidant Financial and LendingClub recently released a joint 2019 State of Small Business Survey. More than 2,700 current and aspiring small business owners were surveyed nationwide. Although 78 percent of small business owners reported profits, 33 percent reported that lack of capital/cash flow was among their top challenges. Time management was a significant challenge for 13 percent of respondents, while administrative work (for example, bookkeeping and payroll) was a reported challenge for 13 percent of the business owners.

Barcode Asset Tracking Software for Small Businesses

Barcode asset tracking software can help small business owners better manage their time, reduce the frustration and errors associated with manual asset tracking procedures, keep staff productive and focused on other priorities, and ultimately save money. Here’s how:

In order to use barcode asset tracking software, you’ll assign and apply a unique barcode to each of your fixed assets. Barcodes are easy to order and relatively inexpensive. Each barcode holds a wealth of data about the asset. You’ll use a handheld scanner or even a mobile scanner (built into an app on your smartphone or tablet) to access that data. If you’re accustomed to manually itemizing, tracking and managing every asset you own, you’ll immediately understand how much more accurate and efficient barcode asset tracking software makes this process. The task of manually keying in barcodes is time-consuming and bound to result in a typo, omission or some other error. It’s also difficult to keep up with the whereabouts of assets using a manual process. Your best bet for success is a streamlined, all-in-one barcode asset tracking and management platform.

Barcode asset tracking software is scalable. Some products sync with the cloud, reducing your costs and giving you access to real-time data 24 hours a day.

Some barcode asset tracking software programs are built to be easily integrated with legacy systems, and are simple and intuitive to use, so your employees won’t have to take time from their busy schedules to participate in training.
Barcode asset tracking software is intended to close the communication loop among all of your stakeholders involved in the lifecycle of your vital fixed assets. You’ll want a solution that enables you to add as many users as you want, without a per-user fee attached.

The Complete Lifecycle of an Asset – in One Centralized Location 

Once you scan a barcode, you’ll have access to such details as an asset’s exact location, condition and the identity of who has it; along with its value, warranty information, lease/purchase information, complete maintenance history, and more. Depending upon the barcode asset tracking software you choose, you may be able to generate reports, create work orders, set up custom notifications and alerts, require electronic signature, and/or create a calendar. The best software will allow you to customize features, organize your assets any way you want, easily import and export data, and incorporate new technologies as they become available.

Asset Panda’s free mobile app syncs with the cloud, includes a mobile barcode scanner and offers a powerful, yet incredibly user-friendly approach to your asset tracking needs. To learn more about our barcode asset tracking software, or to begin your free 14-day trial, visit

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