Microsoft Intune / Endpoint Integration

Boost your device management processes with the Asset Panda and Microsoft Intune / Endpoint Integration. This full-featured integration will streamline your device management processes enabling greater insight into a devices’ status.

Now you may use Microsoft Intune / Endpoint with Asset Panda's fully customizable and cloud-based asset tracking platform.

By integrating Microsoft Intune / Endpoint with our asset management software, you can make it easier to access and track your devices for your end-users.

Track, Manage and Update Your Assets with Ease

With our integration, you can easily track the entire life cycle of your devices and assets.

From assignment, check-outs & returns, compliance, maintenance, and repairs to software licensing, our intuitive software platform let's you do it all.

Streamlined Processes

Now you don’t need to switch back and forth between Intune / Endpoint and your asset tracking solution. Devices in Asset Panda show basic management (managed by the administrator), including:

  • Retire: This takes the device from the system (Intune / Endpoint) while retaining historical device records. This will also archive the device in Asset Panda.  
  • Wipe: This will wipe the device; this action will not do anything in Asset Panda.
  • Delete: Delete a device out of Asset Panda and Microsoft Intune / Endpoint.
  • Lock: Remotely lock devices.

Integration Requirements and Details


  • Active Asset Panda subscription 
  • Microsoft Azure Intune deployment in your organization 
  • Admin access to both Intune and Asset Panda


You can sync device data to Asset Panda:

  1. Import based on Device Type 
  2. Import based on Device Configuration (Company Owned vs. Company Managed) 
  3. Manage your devices through Asset Panda 


Devices that you sync as Asset Panda are automatically updated and uploaded any time anything happens in Intune whether it’s a new device or a device update.

Our integration method allows you to bring data into Asset Panda in the most appropriate way for your user to help speed up tracking and management of assets.

The process comes with an easy field mapping tool that ensures all device information data goes to the right place in the asset record.

By integrating Microsoft Intune / Endpoint with Asset Panda, your employees can spend more time on what they do best — handling day-to-day operations and helping your company grow.

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