Lansweeper Integration

Automatically discover all the IT assets on your network and know the full lifecycle of all your fixed assets with this exclusive Lansweeper and Asset Panda integration. Get insights into what you have, who has it, when it needs to be replaced, and how much maintenance work has been done for all of your assets.

Integrating your asset tracking into one holistic solution can minimize security and loss risks while enabling your IT management team to gain full insight into your entire technology stack.

The Asset Panda and Lansweeper integration enables you to easily scan your network and import your IT assets directly into Asset Panda, giving you an unprecedented view of all assets and aspects of a network. You can track software and hardware to ensure you have the right licenses attached to the right devices. The combined platforms will even let you see and track devices such as printers, IoT devices, phones, and more.

Automate IT Asset Imports for Improved Cyber Security

The Lansweeper and Asset Panda integration enables you to import all your IT assets and associated information directly and easily into Asset Panda. A holistic, full lifecycle view of all your IT and fixed assets is now possible!

This import allows you to:

  • Rapidly bring your entire inventory of IT assets into a full-featured asset tracking platform

  • Import device data for AWS VPCs, Airwatch enrolled mobile devices, Chrome OS devices, and much more

  • Import software information from Lansweeper into Asset Panda

  • Schedule synchronization between Lansweeper and Asset Panda to keep your asset data up to date

Be proactive by automating the scanning and importing of IT assets and associated information, and mitigate cybersecurity risks, vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues before they begin.

Boost Productivity

Why switch back and forth between systems to track your assets? This exclusive Lansweeper integration enables you to save time and effort by scanning your network, cloud, and other IT infrastructure to bring your asset data into one central system. Combining Lansweeper with Asset Panda lets you:

  • Track who your IT assets have been assigned to

  • Rapidly look up and update asset information with a quick barcode scan

  • Enable your teams to easily submit and track repair requests

Increase Visibility

Go beyond IT asset tracking with the combined power of Asset Panda and Lansweeper. Bring your IT assets and fixed assets into one central platform for better financial and usage reporting. Whether it is a recently discovered IoT device that’s out of compliance or a fixed asset sitting in a warehouse across town you can have the confidence of knowing where that item is, who manages it, when it needs maintenance, and whether it's in compliance.

Technical Details


  • Active Asset Panda subscription

  • Lansweeper installed on network

  • Admin access to both Lansweeper and Asset Panda


You can sync device data to Asset Panda:

  1. Import based on Device Type

  2. Import based on Device Configuration

  3. Limited management of your devices through Asset Panda

The following data can be communicated between Asset Panda and Lansweeper:

  • Network device data can be synced from Lansweeper to Asset Panda

  • Installed software data can be synced from Lansweeper to Asset Panda

  • Cloud device data (e.g. AWS VPCs, Azure virtual machines) can be synced from Lansweeper to Asset Panda

The process comes with an easy field mapping tool that ensures all of the device information data goes to the right place in the asset record.

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