Case Study: Team Gleason Recovers 2 Hours of Weekly Asset Tracking Thanks to Asset Panda

Team Gleason is a nonprofit 501c3 organization which aims to provide technology services and support to individuals dealing with neuromuscular diseases or injuries. The organization is also heavily involved in raising awareness of and finding a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) through initiatives like hosting world summits and providing a platform for ALS patients and their families to show how they are living life despite their disease.

Industry: technology equipment and services for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) disease

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • cloud-based storage
  • mobile asset tracking
  • asset assignments
  • custom report generation
  • unlimited users
  • barcode scanning

Hours saved since implementation: roughly 2 hours per week

Customer since: August 2016


AP’s Software Helps the Nonprofit Better Serve Its Community, Says Technology and Care Coordinator Austin Edenfield


Team Gleason works to provide technology services and support to patients suffering from ALS disease, but the nonprofit’s technology and care coordinator Austin Edenfield was having a difficult time keeping track of these devices. The organization used a complicated spreadsheet to keep track of its assets and spending habits, which was so hard to navigate it sucked time away from Edenfield and his colleagues on a weekly basis. He wanted to fix this problem, knowing Team Gleason would also need software which could generate financial reports and allow multiple employees access on an on-demand basis.

Once Edenfield led the charge for finding a new asset tracking system, Team Gleason settled on Asset Panda as their new asset tracking and management solution. Here are some of the results the organization saw:

  • An average of 2 hours saved per week
  • Less equipment going missing or getting lost
  • An easier way to assign and track equipment for clients
  • Better, more accurate financial reports which detailed Team Gleason’s finances (vital for a nonprofit which could be subject to audits)

“I have definitely told other organizations about Asset Panda, both for-profit and nonprofit, because I’ve just been that happy with the Asset Panda experience. I’m a fanboy.”
– Austin Edenfield, technology and care coordinator

The Challenge

Since 2011, Team Gleason has worked tirelessly to provide technology equipment, support, and services to patients and their families dealing with ALS. The nonprofit 501c3 organization was founded by former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason, who discovered he had the neurodegenerative disease but wanted to prove there was life after diagnosis. Team Gleason was born of this mission, and now the nonprofit provides technology such as communication equipment to its clients, and has even founded the Team Gleason Innovative Living house in New Orleans to enable the independence of ALS patients and help them thrive.

“Steve has said that until there’s a medicinal cure for ALS, technology will be that cure because through technology people with ALS are able to continue to communicate, they’re able to continue to control their environment — lights on and off, opening and closing doors,” Team Gleason’s technology and care coordinator, Austin Edenfield, explained. “They’re able to go on the internet, maintain a presence in the real world, and have mobility. Really the goal of our foundation is to help people be purposeful and productive with ALS. It is such a terrible disease; the body may be broken down but the human spirit can ultimately still be triumphant.”

Despite these good intentions, Team Gleason encountered an internal problem. The system it had to keep track of its life-changing technology was functioning poorly, to say the least. The organization was stuck with nothing but a Google Sheet, which Edenfield noted was “really hard to navigate.” “I had gotten hired about a year and a half ago, and there were just a bunch of names in there, a bunch of order numbers, and it was designed really poorly, so anytime we would have a copay for a device we were paying [for], or we were shipping out a repurposed device to someone, it was extremely hard to navigate,” Edenfield said, pointing out how the shared sheet had about 10-12 different tabs with about 18 different cells in each one.

“It would take sometimes as much as 15 minutes just to implement one thing or to try to find a previous user or find who has what,” Edenfield continued. “On top of that, none of the devices or technology or equipment we were sending out was actually barcoded or had asset tags, so it was also very difficult to try to find things. I was spending a lot of time — several hours a week — just in that spreadsheet, trying to navigate it. It wasn’t a good solution for us. I knew pretty immediately we had to do something to change this.”

The Solution

Edenfield started the search for a new asset tracking system which would help Team Gleason not only simplify their asset management process but also reduce instances of missing equipment and potentially save Team Gleason time and money, opening up the organization’s schedule and pocketbook to better help the ALS community. The technology coordinator started where many people do when they’re looking for information: Google.

“I was just googling different asset management companies, different software, and I stumbled upon a website that had a list, like a one through ten ranking, and Asset Panda was #1,” Edenfield said, noting how even Asset Panda’s branding piqued his interest: “I honestly thought the logo was really sweet, and I like pandas, so I decided to check it out. I was immediately intrigued by how customizable it was, and so I set up a call with one of their sales specialists and the rest is history.”

Initially, Edenfield looked at another company which he’d hoped would meet Team Gleason’s asset tracking needs. He called them before calling Asset Panda, but he was disappointed. “They had no clue about how to operate their own products, and they weren’t flexible on their pricing at all,” the technology coordinator stated. “I called Asset Panda next and they were flexible on their pricing, and, again, I talked with Mark for maybe an hour, grilling him on very broad terms to the utmost minutiae of how it works. He was super knowledgeable, and we got him on a conference call with my bosses so he could demo it to them; they loved it.”

Edenfield and Team Gleason were impressed with Asset Panda’s mobile app, as well, since the technology coordinator liked the idea of controlling assets through it even if he was away from the office. Additionally, the software’s unlimited cloud storage and unlimited users were attractive benefits. “We have to input a lot of legal paperwork just for working with our population, obviously, as it relates to healthcare fields, so having unlimited cloud storage was a plus,” Edenfield explained. “Unlimited users was definitely a plus so that if we needed other people in our organization to have access, they could.”

Just a few days later, Edenfield was set up on a call with Hayley at Asset Panda, who designed everything custom to Team Gleason’s needs before implementing the system. He said there were “no road bumps at all” while setting up Asset Panda and the process was basically “flawless.” “I had a few questions after Hayley implemented it; I called her and she answered right away and we were able to just get everything worked out that I needed to,” Edenfield explained. “It’s not often that you can pick up a phone and just call a senior person at a company who designed your whole account. Usually, you have to be put on hold, be transferred to this person, so the customer experience on that was really a plus.”

Overall, Edenfield said the customization was the “number one thing” which convinced Team Gleason to go with Asset Panda for its new asset tracking and management solution. “Knowing that Asset Panda had someone who would literally build from scratch my entire database and profile and everything, that was huge,” he said.


Fortunately for Edenfield, Asset Panda has helped him and other Team Gleason members do exactly as he’d hoped: make asset tracking easier and more accessible to the organization can spend its time helping its clients. Specifically, Asset Panda’s software has reduced the amount of time the technology and care coordinator had previously wasted on finding assets and making small changes to its old spreadsheet.

“I’ve saved about two hours a week on average, sometimes a little bit less, sometimes a little bit more, depending on how many requests we’re getting for equipment and technology, but I would say two hours a week is a pretty fair estimation,” Edenfield said. “It’s so much easier now not to have to work on a spreadsheet with all these different tabs. I can literally just start typing in someone’s name and it finds it; I can click the asset and assign it to people very quickly, so it saved me a lot of time.”

Additionally, Asset Panda has helped the nonprofit organization keep track of knowing who has which device, knowing what it actually needs to send out vs what the company needs to purchase, and finally being able to generate detailed reports related to Team Gleason’s finances. “We have very strict accounting processes, being a non-profit, should we get audited, so we need to be able to answer to everything,” Edenfield said. “One of the things that I love that I’ve actually implemented is custom reports. We pay a lot of copays for medical communication devices for people so being able to easily just drop a report for, let’s say, the last 6-12 months and have Asset Panda email it to me in a matter of seconds would be something I’d definitely pitch to another company.”

Edenfield also pointed out how Asset Panda has aided Team Gleason even during the imminent but disheartening passing of their clients. “Unfortunately with ALS, the average lifespan is 2-4 years after diagnosis, and so we do like to reuse equipment since we don’t have a lot of funds,” the technology coordinator explained. “So I get an auto-report generated when people have passed away and that helps me to follow up with the families. We like to be a very personable organization and I would say I spend a lot of time on the phone with our clients.”

In short, Asset Panda has helped Team Gleason better carry out its mission of assisting ALS patients: “I would say that since 2012, Team Gleason spent well over $5 million on technology and equipment for the ALS community and we’re going at a record pace so having something like Asset Panda in my corner that’s enabling me to efficiently manage and roll out new assets is definitely a plus I think as far as helping us help more people in the ALS community.”


Edenfield’s experience with Asset Panda has convinced him the software can help other nonprofits save time and money. In terms of why he’d recommend Asset Panda to fellow charitable organizations, Edenfield mentioned a few valuable areas why the platform will specifically aid them in their missions of making a better world and improving people’s lives.

“I would specifically say the ease of generating reports is huge. If your accountant ever wants to know how much money have we ever spent on this, it’s just two or three clicks or you can even automate reports and have it done,” Edenfield said. “Using a cell phone as a barcode scanner is awesome and saves time, and then definitely the unlimited cloud storage [is great]. A lot of nonprofits will have Dropbox, Microsoft Office, and all these other things, which are great but you can also just store all of that directly with your client in Asset Panda on an individual basis, so instead of using four or five systems you might just have to use one.”

Overall, Edenfield believes Asset Panda can help nonprofits further their causes and do good in the world instead of spending time stuck in spreadsheets: “My pitch to another non-profit would be that if you want to save time and money and be better able to serve your community because of the time and money that you saved, Asset Panda would be a sure shot for you.”

Many nonprofits and charitable organizations have already benefited from what Asset Panda has to offer. One of our customers, for example, routinely sends vaccines to Africa and uses our software to track supply and demand. These companies are able in part to provide life-changing services because Asset Panda is accessible from anywhere in the world thanks to its cloud-based structure and mobile app. Additionally, our asset tracking platform provides accurate, up-to-date records on all your assets, which can aid your organization when it comes time to run reports and respond to audits. Finally, like Team Gleason discovered, Asset Panda simply helps you become a better nonprofit by saving you time, energy, and financial resources so you can focus on serving your community instead of dealing with your assets.

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