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The Asset Panda Compliance Software configuration standardizes compliance processes. Configured to work the way you do, Asset Panda is flexible enough to deploy company-wide compliance programs across a variety of applications; reducing risk while eliminating expensive manual processes.

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Asset Panda helps ensure organization-wide compliance for a variety of reasons. Highly customizable, configurable, and easy to use, Asset Panda leads to greater adoptability. After all, the more people using it, the more compliance documentation that resides in the system.

DO more than track your assets

Asset Panda is so flexible, companies in virtually any industry can use it. For instance, some of our clients use it to document health and safety compliance by uploading all their Medical/Safety equipment information, including location, area, and any associated training materials.

The Asset Panda Compliance configuration allows you to:

  • Document employee equipment training and certification
  • Store training documentation and videos related to equipment in one spot
  • Generate proof of compliance with one click
  • Easily document and prove routine equipment checks
  • Easily document and prove Competency Assurance
  • Maintain records of employee compliance training and schedule deadlines and notifications for renewal
  • React quickly to fluid situations and external events (ideal for law enforcement)
  • Create a continuous state of readiness for audits, surveys, and exams
  • Increase accountability and management visibility of compliance status
  • Decrease labor intensive processes and documentation
  • Enforce standards and consistency throughout your organization
  • Streamline and direct internal audits into areas that have a high risk of non-compliance
  • Support your overall risk management and governance programs with an integrated and quantifiable view of regulatory compliance

Your employees in the field scan the equipment or manually enter barcode or asset ID information to document information in real time. Should proof of onsite location be required, they can simply shoot and upload a picture of the asset; and the system will extract and record the GPS coordinates.

Asset Panda gives your employees easy access to training materials and makes it simple for you to monitor completed training sessions. Upload the materials of your choosing such as notes, documents, and videos; then customize the drop-down fields to walk your team through training.