From Nuclear Waste To Endangered Chickens, Asset Panda Is Tracking Key Items – And Finding Growth

The full text of this article first appeared in a Dallas Business Journal article by Brian Womack.

More than five years ago, Rex Kurzius met with a group of consultants in a Frisco office about the potential of his business concept called Asset Panda.

The report from the consultants was thick enough to be a phone book, so Kurzius asked them for the key takeaway. It wasn’t good.“They said, ‘Absolutely, don’t do this business,’” he said, adding the pages were filled with potential competitors.

Yet Kurzius already had made a life of taking risks as an entrepreneur – and
he wasn’t buying it. He saw an opportunity for Asset Panda based on his own experiences and talking to others. He was right. Today, Asset Panda is doing more than $1 million a month in revenue – up from roughly $120,000 a month two years ago.

The company’s customer list includes some of the biggest names in corporate America, including Disney, Sephora and Panasonic. But it also works with smaller players that include a community church, Kurzius said.

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