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By now, you’ve probably heard the term “Internet of Things,” which describes a forthcoming reality in which almost every object is labeled with an asset barcode. The jury’s out on just how soon the Internet of Things takes hold. In the meantime, however, companies and organizations of every size and industry are finding that they can curb significant waste – both of time and money – by applying an asset barcode to each of their fixed assets and pieces of equipment.

In today’s business environment, we’re moving fast, and assets are often on the go, moving between various locations inside and outside your building. Without an asset barcode, you don’t really have a means of effective tracking. So, if an item goes missing, you’re often out of luck (and money). When you need to locate an item, an asset barcode is your best friend. Without one, you’re likely to waste hours of time while you try to hunt down an item that may have been lost, stolen or otherwise fell through the cracks. Another application for asset barcodes occurs at tax time. Your accounting and compliance teams rely on you to provide accurate values for your assets, which typically depreciate over time. A good asset tracking and management solution enables you to keep track of those figures and supply them to your accounting and compliance teams with confidence – not guesswork. Your fixed assets – particularly your equipment – require routine maintenance. An asset barcode, when logged into a real-time asset tracking platform, can help you stay on top of service and avoid expensive repairs or replacements.

It’s hard to imagine that some companies continue to rely on Excel spreadsheets, pen and paper and other manual processes to track and manage their assets. In those scenarios, human errors really aren’t a question of if, but rather when. Even a small typo can throw off your record keeping efforts and generate confusion. If you’ve been searching for an easy, yet comprehensive solution to your asset tracking needs, Asset Panda is just the ticket. It’s powerful, yet incredibly intuitive mobile platform that syncs with the cloud to ensure that your data is always served up in real time. Using Asset Panda’s free Android or iOS app, you can access the complete lifecycle of any one of your vital assets at any time of day or night. The apps include a mobile barcode scanner, which eliminates the need for a separate handheld scanner. You won’t need any other hardware to use Asset Panda – just the smartphone or tablet you already use. Add as many users as you’d like; there’s no additional fee, based on the philosophy that every one of your stakeholders should be involved in the conversation.

Once you’ve uploaded a new asset into the system, you can add supporting documents, videos, photos and/or voice notes. From there, customize your display according to your specific needs; Asset Panda is flexible, completely customizable and adapts to your needs. Access an item’s check-in/check-out status, its exact location, complete maintenance history, insurance policy, depreciation/inflation, and much more. Create custom reports, set up notifications and alerts, and generate work orders. And, with Asset Panda’s new online store, Buy Asset Tags, now you can order custom tags and labels for your assets. Asset Panda has the entire lifecycle of your assets covered – and it’s flexible enough to adapt as your needs change in the future.

Here's how NEXClean, a company that provides deep-cleaning services for the health care industry, uses Asset Panda to track and manage its assets:

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