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Whatever your business might be, asset management barcode technology helps you connect the dots. These barcodes allow you piece together critical details about the fixed assets on which your business depends, manage inventory, or simply track data relevant to your business.

Technology has enabled us to graduate from the age-old Excel spreadsheets that used to consume too much time and inevitably contained errors. Asset management software has introduced incredible efficiencies to the asset tracking process. And while there are a lot of asset management software products on the market today, they’re not all the same – far from it, in fact. How you enter new barcodes, the richness of the data you’re able to add about those respective assets, the flexibility and adaptability of the software, and how you’re able to use and share data all determine how well that software will work for your organization.

A lot of companies are still relying on handheld barcode scanners to upload assets. Those scanners are not only expensive, they eventually need replacement when they break down, are lost or stolen. Companies who are concerned about cost limit the number of scanners they purchase and inevitably keep the number of employees who use them to a minimum. The fact is that when it comes to asset tracking, companies need to bring all of their stakeholders into the communication loop. With that in mind, Asset Panda built its barcode scanner into its free mobile app. To upload new assets, it’s as easy as whipping out your mobile phone or tablet and opening the app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices. No additional hardware or software is required to use Asset Panda. If you have access to the web, or you have a mobile device, you’re ready to go.

Once you’ve entered in the barcode, how you organize the relevant data about that asset is entirely up to you. Asset Panda is completely flexible and customizable; it works the way you do. Adapt the custom dashboard according to your needs. Set up custom fields, custom actions (like notifications and alerts), link groups of data and generate reports. Email asset details from your mobile device. Use the GPS feature to locate the exact location of any asset. You can also monitor check-in/check-out status, pull up lease/purchase, service contract and insurance information, review maintenance schedules and create work orders. Additionally, with Asset Panda it’s simple to pull up the information your accounting and compliance departments need. Because the apps sync with the cloud, you have the assurance that the data you provide those departments is both real-time and accurate – which helps prevent errors, penalties and wasted money.

Use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk, keep all related information in one central location and drastically reduce the number of support calls your team has to manage. You can search and change assets using the mobile barcode scanner, track by person and import or export data quickly and easily – and much more. Despite this robust features list, Asset Panda is extremely simple to use and requires no extensive training to master. You’re entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional charge, so now you can bring everyone into the loop, increasing both accountability and efficiency throughout your entire organization.

Ready to stop the guesswork, eliminate wasted time and money and raise the bar on your company’s efficiencies? Try Asset Panda free for 14 days, and find out why some of the world’s biggest brands trust us to manage millions of dollars’ worth of their most important assets. For more information, visit 

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