Asset Panda Announces New Milestone in Asset Tracking – Over 2.2 Billion Dollars in Assets Being Tracked

Asset Panda, LLC, a developer of Asset Management and Tracking software based in Frisco, TX, has just announced a new milestone in asset tracking, reaching over $2.2 Billion in total asset value being tracked.

Asset Panda is the easiest, most intuitive mobile system to track and manage your fixed assets. Asset Panda’s system uses mobile apps with integrated barcode scanning. This means than anybody with a mobile phone can conduct audits or equipment searches in the field and that you do not need to purchase expensive dedicated barcode scanners.

Asset Panda can store data in forms such as bar codes, videos, photos, receipts and lease and warranty information. This data is stored and managed in the cloud, where it is safe and accessible via any web browser and mobile devices no matter where users are.

The asset inventories being tracked with asset panda include all types of fixed assets, such as tools, equipment, parts, phones, computers, other IT assets, office furniture, leases, inventory, art, collectibles and personal possessions

Asset Panda is typically used for either replacing spreadsheets used to maintain asset inventories, or as a complement to financial/accounting systems that have limited asset management and tracking capabilities.

These are some of the typical use case examples where users are taking advantage of Asset Panda’s unique tracking capabilities
  • Tools for Field Repairs
  • Oil and Gas Extraction and Services Equipment
  • Construction Machines and Tools
  • Portable Healthcare Equipment
  • Audiovisual Equipment
  • Analytical Testing Equipment and Machines
  • Tablet and Laptop Computers

Asset Panda is more than an inventory system; it provides full lifecycle asset management for your company. Asset Panda administers, organizes, supervises and tracks all operations and activities that occur during the lifetime of an asset including repairs, check-in/check-out and sales.
  • Asset Panda’s benefits to users include:
  • Easy item entry, recording, reporting and auditing
  • Keep all the important information about an asset in one place
  • Access anytime, anywhere – Mobile or Web
  • Rapid deployment at minimal cost
  • Eliminates the need for a separate barcode device
  • Safe data backup (Amazon’s Cloud)

Typically Asset Panda’s users can save 1 to 3 percent on their total assets value with Asset Panda. For example, for a company with 10,000 assets and $750 avg. asset value ($7.5MM total asset value) they can save over $100K/yr with implementation of Asset Panda. You can calculate your savings by going to Asset Panda’s return on investment calculator at this link

Asset Panda gives organizations a simple way to solve their big problem of tracking and managing information about the assets they own. More information is available in Asset Panda’s website


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