Asset Panda Lauded by Online Tech News Site

Asset Panda is one of five companies recommended by warehouse and supply chain tech news site in a March 29 article entitled “Five of the best WMS for single warehouse operations.”

According to writer Geoff Whiting, businesses that operate only one warehouse have a particular need for a warehouse management system. Why? They’re running a lot of operations under one roof, and it’s critical that they get orders, inventory, and shipments right the first time and every time. Their very existence depends on it. Mistakes are costly for any company, but for small businesses, bumps in the road can be particularly damaging in terms of customer satisfaction and trust – and their reputation.

Whiting named Asset Panda a good choice for small-but-growing companies, calling it straightforward and easy to use. Among the strongest selling points: Asset Panda is scalable and flexible, offering clients an unlimited number of users at no additional charge. So, as your team expands, your per-user price point does not.

The article also points out the app’s barcoding, inventory management, order fulfillment support and shipment tracking capabilities, as well as its ability to store maintenance logs for warehouse equipment, which helps even the busiest teams continue to maintain accurate records in one centralized location.

Asset Panda was built with the forthcoming Internet of Things in mind. We set out to build a mobile platform that could serve clients’ needs today, tomorrow and well into the future. As new technologies become prevalent, Asset Panda is flexible enough to incorporate them. This is a completely customizable, simple to use yet powerful tool that adapts to your needs.

Our free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud and include a mobile barcode scanner for easy data entry. You won’t need a separate handheld barcode scanner or any other hardware or software to use Asset Panda. Whether you’re a small or large organization with one warehouse or multiple locations, Asset Panda’s inventory management module eliminates the dreaded task of constantly updating lists of assets and their respective values in manual ledgers and/or spreadsheets. Because Asset Panda is hosted in the cloud, your data is served up in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From the palm of your hand, you can verify whether you’ve already purchased an item, track down an existing item and send reports directly to insurance providers and other parties. You can track the ever-changing value of your items based on such conditions as their respective conditions, the length of use, maintenance histories and usefulness.

Asset Panda is incredibly simple to use; your employees won’t need any training to master it. And because you’re entitled to an unlimited number of users, you’ll be able to bring all of your stakeholders into the communication loop, raising the bar on accountability and accuracy throughout your entire organization. Integration with legacy systems is both quick and easy, and clients are able to import data from existing spreadsheets seamlessly into Asset Panda’s mobile platform. You control how your data is displayed and organized, from the custom dashboard, columns, and fields to the security settings and customizable reports, which provide your colleagues and partners with relevant, contextual insights.

If you’re ready to become a more efficient steward of your resources, improve budgeting and make more informed financial decisions throughout your organization, give Asset Panda a try free for 14 days. Clients throughout the world already trust Asset Panda to help them millions of dollars’ worth of their valuable inventory. To learn more or to start your trial, go to

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