Asset Panda’s Zendesk Integration Module Keeps You on Track with IT Repairs

If you’ve got a large volume of IT assets to track and manage, Asset Panda’s Zendesk integration module is a great option for your needs. Throughout your organization – particularly if you’re a large company with multiple locations – IT assets require periodic servicing and maintenance. The Zendesk integration module provides you with real-time access to the status of your IT assets and enables you to store all of the information regarding those IT repairs in one centralized, easy-to-access location. You can submit work orders, check the progress of a repair and make informed decisions about whether additional IT assets may be needed.

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, and now based in San Francisco, Zendesk is a customer service platform serving clients throughout more than 160 countries and territories, and in more than 40 languages. The company builds easy-to-use software designed to help organizations improve their customer engagement and better understand their customers. Zendesk’s product offerings may be used in conjunction with one another and may be embedded and extended through an open development platform.

The Zendesk module gives your support staff the means to display lists of related assets alongside help tickets, giving them fast and seamless access to vital information. Custom filtering allows you to provide asset lists based on requester, individual tag IDs, problem types or any kind of custom field you want.

Asset Panda already offers a help desk module; however, some clients prefer to use their old interface when entering their IT asset data. The Zendesk integration module allows them to continue to use their old system, but the data is stored in Asset Panda.

With features including custom notifications and alerts, Asset Panda can also help you keep up with maintenance schedules and updates for all of your IT equipment. For companies who have a large inventory of IT assets to track, it’s very easy to overlook maintenance schedules. Subsequently, IT equipment works harder than it has to, may slow down and even break down prematurely, costing organizations time and money. When you don’t have access to a vital IT asset, productivity screeches to a halt and can delay other key projects, as well. With Asset Panda, all of your data is as near as the palm of your hand. Using Asset Panda’s free mobile iOS or Android app, you have 24-hour access to all of the information you need to stay on top of maintenance, including each asset’s complete maintenance history, insurance policy information, lease/purchase information, depreciation and much more. You can also use the tool to plan your equipment refresh schedule, so you’re not caught off-guard. Create custom reports and even use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk to cut down on support call volume. The app syncs with the cloud, so your data is always current and reliable. And you can add as many users as you’d like, which raises the bar on both accountability and accuracy throughout your organization.

Skip the guesswork, the frustration, and costly errors while you maximize the lifespan of your IT assets. Try Asset Panda’s Zendesk integration module, and find out how simple IT asset management can be. For more information, go to


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