Asset Tracking Closes the Communication Loop – Here’s How

You’ve got an asset – a laptop computer, let’s say -- that needs servicing, so you create a work order. A technician takes the laptop away, and you’re told you’ll be updated soon as to when you can expect it back. One week passes, and then another week. What’s the status of your laptop? Within many organizations, you really have no simple way to track that information outside of a phone call, at which point you may or may not get an answer. If you’re responsible for a team or large department, you want to know when you can get your equipment in working order again. It goes without saying that if you don’t have the equipment you need, productivity slows, which can create a ripple effect with your other projects.

While that laptop is being serviced, you may also wish to locate spare laptop you can use in the meantime. An asset tracking platform can not only centralize all information about the servicing of your original laptop; it can tell you where a temporary laptop is available and allow you to put in a request. In essence, a good asset tracking system brings all of your asset-related data – from location to condition, value, quantities, maintenance histories, warranties, insurance policies and so much more – under one umbrella. Even in 2017, many companies are still relying upon manual tracking procedures, which only create confusion and errors. It’s almost guaranteed that the staff member you’ve charged with tracking your assets manually forgets to enter a piece of data, enters a typo or loses track of an item. You depend upon your fixed assets; they make it possible for you to run your business smoothly. So it’s imperative that you find yourself a powerful, flexible and yet easy to use asset tracking and management system. The more user-friendly that system is, the more likely your employees are to use it. And the more employees communicate through your asset tracking platform, the more successful your asset tracking efforts become. Accuracy and accountability both increase substantially when you can close the communication loop.

Asset Panda, available on free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud, allows users to create help desk tickets when assets require servicing, then track their progress through completion. It’s entirely up to the user as to the information that is displayed throughout the process. For example, clients can opt to display the date and time of resolution, or simply the date using a calendar feature. Additionally, they can decide to display a field for text, in which they can make notes related to the completion of the servicing. A signature field adds even more accountability. Clients who need different displays and would like further customization can do so by contacting Asset Panda’s customer service team, which offers world-class support through live chat, email or phone.

Asset Panda is not only powerful and incredibly flexible and customizable; it’s also simple to use, requiring no extensive training to master. You won’t need additional hardware or software to use Asset Panda – only the smartphones and tablets you and your employees already carry. Add as many users as you’d like; there’s no additional fee. Display your data exactly how you’d like; perform unlimited custom actions like service notifications, alerts and reports; quickly pull depreciation figures; and determine the warranty status of each of your assets. At any time, you can pinpoint an item’s exact location, condition and the identity of the person who has it, as well as its complete maintenance history. And because the apps sync with the cloud, your data is always in real time.

Asset Panda streamlined asset tracking procedures for this clothing manufacturer, who previously relied on error-prone manual processes:

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