The Best Asset Tracking Software and the Thinking Behind It

Every now and then we share the testimonials and videos from Asset Panda users as to why Asset Panda is considered the best asset tracking software. We feel it is important to understand what Asset Panda brings to each of our users and how it’s making a real difference in how they track and manage their assets. Each company we help is unique and we have found a way to give them a platform that works as they need it to … not as we think it needs to work for them.

Every company has assets. Whether it’s just a few laptops and a printer to huge warehouses on multiple continents filled with billions of dollars of construction equipment. And let’s face it, the process of tracking assets isn’t exactly glamorous. Many employees who are tasked with that job would say it’s tedious and incredibly time-consuming. But assets play some of the most important roles in the success (or failure) of a business.

One of the most important roles that Asset Panda can play in a business or organization is to work the way you do, giving everyone in your organization quick and easy on-demand access to everything they need to know about your assets. We have a lot of users who were simply drained trying to keep up with all the parts and pieces that make their respective companies run. Asset Panda has been proven to save many companies two important components – TIME and MONEY.

We have an incredibly diverse roster of users and the impact we’ve made on how they do business, the evolution of their daily practices when it comes to tracking assets, and the savings afforded to many employees, whether financial, time, or even emotional has been astounding – that’s one of the ways we feel we are offering the best asset tracking software available. The use cases that we have, to a large extent, are customers we could never have dreamed of. Our customers have specific business issues and we figured out a way to configure our system so that our customer can solve their problem.

The business of asset tracking is a massive market that is still untouched. There are tens of millions of companies that have the need to track assets, who simply don’t know what they need and how to achieve a new level of tracking. Asset Panda has proven that there is NO LIMIT to how our users can use the platform. They can be as creative and innovative as they wish, and we want to join them on that journey and learn right along with them. Being part of this asset tracking platform is allowing for more adaptation to customize technology for specific needs which in turn allows people time to do more with less and do more good for the world.

Take a look at our Asset Panda testimonial page. It’s full of great detail directly from our users and how the platform has been the best asset tracking software for their business or industry.

The best way to understand how Asset Panda will work for your business is to try it out yourself. We offer a free 14-day trial and some of the best customer support in the industry. Check out this video testimonial from client Unity Hospice and how Asset Panda, the “swiss army knife of asset tracking,” completely streamlined their processes, allowing them to concentrate on their patients in need … not on finding assets.


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