Computer Asset Software Can Curb Costly Employee Theft

Computer asset software has never been more vital for businesses of every size and industry. According to, employee theft is costing U.S. businesses $50 billion (yes, billion!) annually. In 2017, insurance specialist Hiscox released a study showing that the average U.S. business lost $1.13 million to employee theft in 2016. Further, small- and medium-sized businesses represented 68 percent of those theft cases; their average loss in 2016 was $289,864. Ouch, right?

Now, not all of that theft is related to computers, phones, tablets and other IT equipment. However, some of it is. And IT equipment represents a particular threat, because if you haven’t locked down your sensitive data, including your clients’ information, you’ve just opened the door – wide – to identity theft. When your customers’ data is stolen and compromised, not only does it create a nightmare for them; your reputation can be destroyed.

IT equipment represents some of your biggest-ticket investments. These fixed assets are not only expensive; they’re also frequently on the move, whether your employees bring their laptops to a meeting, their company-issued phones on a business trip or their company-issued tablets home on the weekends. These items, then, also are vulnerable to theft from outside sources. Computer asset software provides companies a means to track the movement of these fixed assets wherever they go.

Aside from the theft issue, companies also need a way to keep track of their IT assets’ respective maintenance histories, insurance policies, warranties, depreciation, and equipment refresh schedules. Savvy companies know that it costs them more to continue to run an old, slow and inefficient computer than it does to retire it and acquire a new one. They need to budget for the purchase of new IT equipment, and with good planning, they might even be able to take advantage of savings from bulk purchases. Computers require periodic updates, servicing, and occasional maintenance. If you’re attempting to keep track of all of those details for every piece of IT equipment in your inventory, you’ll quickly find that you’re relying on a terribly inefficient and error-prone system. Computer asset software takes that burden off your hands and centralizes all of your asset-related data in one location, subsequently reducing or even eliminating errors. Guesswork, confusion and costly mistakes become a thing of the past.

If you’re planning on implementing computer asset software within your organization, you’ll want to ensure first and foremost that it’s a flexible system that adapts as your needs change – because they will. Additionally, you’ve got to find a platform that’s easy to use. If the software is difficult to understand, your employees either won’t use it, or they’ll make mistakes. When everyone involved in the lifecycle of your IT equipment and other fixed assets is communicating, both accountability and accuracy increase significantly – and you save both time and money.

Asset Panda provides the most powerful computer asset software in the world, and yet it couldn’t be any easier to use or more adaptable to your needs. It’s accessible to clients via our free and intuitive mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud. Features are completely customizable, and you won’t need any training to get up to speed quickly. We don’t place a cap on the number of users you can add to the platform, and you won’t need any additional hardware to use the tool – not even a separate barcode scanner because the app includes a built-in scanner.

Every organization, regardless of industry sector, stands to benefit from the efficiencies Asset Panda delivers. Take a look at how Asset Panda can help school districts save time and money:

In the palm of your hand, you get 24-hour, real-time access to any asset’s exact location, condition, value and so much more. Ready to kick Excel spreadsheets to the curb? Give Asset Panda a try – free – for 14 days.


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