Computer Inventory Software Keeps up with all of Your Moving Parts

When it comes to tracking and managing your IT equipment, the larger the organization, the tougher the task, which is why computer inventory software is so important. At any given time, do you know many computers are in use throughout your company, and their respective conditions? Have they received the necessary updates and periodic maintenance? Are they properly licensed? What’s installed on them? Are any of them running slowly? Do any of them need to be replaced?

If you’re using an Excel spreadsheet or pen and paper to try to keep up with those moving parts, you can almost be assured that your records contain errors, gaps or both. The data related to your computer equipment can change faster than you can keep up with it. Take, for example, depreciation, check-in/check-out, speed and memory. A static tracking system, then, doesn’t serve your needs. With manual procedures, an employee or employees are tasked with entering data on a spreadsheet. Even the most detailed individual, however, is bound to enter a typo eventually. Gaps in recordkeeping can happen when an employee simply forgets to enter information, or when employees change jobs.

With computer inventory software, you essentially outsource these responsibilities to an efficient, automated system that tracks the respective lifecycles of your computer equipment, from initial acquisition to periodic maintenance to eventual disposal and replacement. This software saves you significant time, money and immeasurable amounts of frustration and guesswork; and it helps you maintain your productivity. You’re able to set up notifications that remind you when computers are due for updates and service, when a warranty is about to expire, or when an item is due to be checked in. Additionally, computer inventory software empowers companies to create equipment refresh schedules, so they can plan their expenses for the coming year and avoid being caught off guard by unforeseen circumstances.

The best computer inventory software is flexible and customizable, so you set up your data in the way that makes sense for your organization, and make changes at any time – even as new technologies become available in the future. Data import and export should be simple and hassle-free.

Of course, your IT tracking and management efforts are only as good as your employees’ participation. So when you’re shopping for the right computer inventory software, you not only need a powerful and flexible solution that adapts to your specific needs. You also need an intuitive, user-friendly system that won’t intimidate your employees and discourage them from using it. To truly maximize the lifespan of your computer equipment, you’ve got to get every stakeholder in on the conversation. Increased communication results in increased accountability and accuracy.

The nature of business today is mobile. We’re always on the go, which is why a mobile solution is best for your computer asset tracking needs. Asset Panda, the most powerful computer inventory software in the world, requires only the smartphone or tablet you already use. It’s powered by free iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud, eliminate the need for additional hardware and are incredibly easy to use. Add as many users as you’d like to your account at no cost, and set up custom security settings for them based on location, role, etc. Features are totally customizable, so you organize your data in the way it makes sense for your organization. And, because Asset Panda is cloud-based, your data is always in real time. Whether you’re tracking an item’s location, condition, value or something else, you can have the confidence that your data is both current and accurate.

With Asset Panda, you’ve got a comprehensive directory of all of your IT assets – and it’s as near as the palm of your hand. No more guesswork, errors, theft or loss. No more wasted time hunting down items. No more missed warranty expirations or missed service. Audits are faster, more accurate and easier to perform. Custom notifications help you stay on top of key dates. You maximize the lifespan of your computer equipment and make more informed decisions about equipment refreshment. Schedule work orders and even use the enterprise help desk module to reduce your IT support call volume.

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