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TOP 5 Must Haves for Customer Support Mobile Apps

Most companies are considering offering a free mobile app for their customers. Mobile apps reach customers in real-time. Did you know that 50% of mobile users prefer to use a customer service app to resolve an issue before calling? Using a mobile app provides an efficient resolution experience. Another bonus is it keeps your company constantly connected and accessible to your customer.

When evaluating customer support mobile apps here are the TOP 5 Must Haves:

  1. Unlimited users: A true customer support mobile apps ties everyone involved with your customer from the mobile app to the administration of your support system. Most companies offer a free mobile app but then charge you per user on the backend. Run from models like this that try to nickel and dime you.
  2. Role Based Security: Make sure you can easily define a user in the administrative section giving them the functionality they need.
  3. Native Mobile Apps: the mobile apps you offer your customers should be native to IOS/Android. These apps give the best possible user experience and they piggy back on the enhanced functionality of the device and the operating system.
  4. Multi level communication enabled: You-Customer-Outside Service Tech. The model should allow for you to connect all associated parties quickly and easily. Example: Customer scans equipment that requires maintenance. Your customer support mobile app should allow your customer to notify you while initiating a service call with an outside service tech all at the same time.
  5. Innovation: Check the update history of the mobile app you choose. How often are new releases coming out and what are they for? Bug fixes, routine maintenance, new ideas. Also, find out where the innovation comes from. Customer driven or supplier driven?

In summary, Customer Support Mobile Apps are changing the way companies support their customers. The primary reason is the customer is demanding it. By providing a mobile app to your customers you are extending a tool to your customer that is a constant calling card back to you. Why call some else when all they need to do is pull up your mobile app and fix their issue without calling anyone? These apps are very difficult to build and maintain on your own. Picking the right partner is very important. Make sure the one you pick is adaptable/flexible to fit your business and your customers needs. Check out to learn more about our Customer Support Mobile Apps.


Rex Kurzius

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