Diversity Has A Role When It Comes to Asset Tracking


Diversity is a word you probably hear often. When you hear the word you likely think of a group of people from all walks of life, age, gender, etc. working in perfect harmony. The concept of diversity can also be used when thinking of the different tools and equipment your organization needs to run on a daily basis.

The Lack of Diversity in Asset Tracking

The task of asset tracking has definitely changed over the years. Companies used to only have handwritten ledgers or stacks and stacks of papers stored away in filing cabinets. Ask an employee where a certain item was and you could get a wide-eyed, “deer-in-headlights” look if he/she didn’t know. The thought of having to rifle through all those papers could send anyone running for the hills.

The task got a bit easier with the introduction of online, shared spreadsheets like Excel. The paper trail dwindled and data was manually entered online. But this method wasn’t error-proof either. Mistyped data. Duplicate sheets. Accidental deletions. At that time, there still wasn’t a single, centralized location where users could look up the entire lifecycle of assets. Employees were still trying to hunt down where assets were, who had them, a check in/check out status and even a repair/maintenance history.

But that all changed thanks to the introduction of asset and inventory tracking and management software – and its ability to help a diverse roster of clients solve a problem that was costing them time and money.

A Diverse Approach to Asset Tracking

There is no one-size-fits-all product when it comes to asset tracking. Companies have different needs based on their business structure, customer base, size, location, industry type … and thus there’s that word again, diversity. And that’s how the products available to help businesses track valuable assets and inventory can be viewed – as diverse.

Companies have a great range of products now available to assist them. They all have various features, capabilities and price points. No matter your industry, and the size of your company, the key is to ensure that you have a powerful, customizable and flexible software solution that’s easy to use. Your business needs today may differ from your business needs when the company started and could change again tomorrow. That’s why it’s important to have a product that’s scalable and can grow with you.  Your asset tracking software should adapt to your needs and be what you need it to be.

Tracking Asset Diversity with Asset Panda

Asset Panda stands out from all the other asset tracking products on the market, and definitely meets that diversity requirement. Its the most powerful cloud-based solution on the market today and is used by small startups as well as internationally-recognized brands. The software meets the diverse needs of every user, individually.

All you need to use Asset Panda is the smartphone or tablet you already carry -- no additional hardware. Simply download the free iOS or Android app, which is where you’ll store the entire lifecycle of every piece of your equipment. Because Asset Panda syncs with the cloud, your data is always in real time. Check an item’s exact location, check-in/check-out status, depreciation, complete maintenance history, insurance policy, warranty information and so much more. Create custom reports, notifications and alerts and security settings. Add as many users as you’d like. Asset Panda’s brings all of your vital stakeholders into the conversation for maximum accountability and accuracy.

And because Asset Panda is such a diverse product, meeting the varying needs of its users, it continues to evolve and develop new solutions and integrations to help you and your entire organization work smarter.

Here are two great examples of the diverse clientele Asset Panda works with. Maybe it’s time you let Asset Panda help bring a bit of diversity into your business practices as well.


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