‘Do I Need Fixed Assets Tracking Software?’ Here’s Your Answer

“Why would I need fixed assets tracking software?” It’s a common question, especially for new business owners. You may be under the impression that fixed assets tracking software is only useful if you have a large inventory of fixed assets, if you’re a large global corporation with multiple subsidiaries, or both. But the truth is that everyone can use fixed assets tracking software to enhance their efficiencies and experience bottom-line savings of time and money. Everyone – from small nonprofit organizations, churches, health care institutions, fire departments, schools and colleges, and companies large and small – stands to benefit from better tracking and management of their fixed assets.

So what are fixed assets, anyway? In a nutshell, they’re anything that you use in your work to help you do business, but you don’t sell these items and make a profit from them. For example, your IT equipment is a mainstay in your industry. You communicate through your company-issued mobile devices, store data on your desktop computer, take your laptop with you on company trips, and run periodic updates on your servers. These assets aren’t for sale, but you depend on them entirely for your day-to-day business. Other examples of fixed assets are office furniture, real estate, and company vehicles, as well as tools, machines and equipment. All of these items need periodic updates and service to keep them in good working condition and maximize their respective lifespans. You’re also required to report their respective values for accounting and compliance purposes. Each of these fixed assets is attached to critical data like insurance policies, lease/purchase information, warranties, maintenance histories, check-in/check-out statuses, reports, and more.

For the sake of efficiency (and the sanity of any business owner), you need one centralized location where you can easily store and access your fixed asset tracking data – and fixed assets tracking software enables you to do just that. When you can access your asset data on a moment’s notice with the assurance that’s accurate and up to date, you can stop wasting time hunting down lost assets. You can curb theft and waste and stop buying new replacement assets before you should have to. And you can stop paying insurance for ghost assets that aren’t in your inventory anymore.

Your fixed assets tracking software will only be successful if you can get maximum buy-in from your employees, however. You’ll want to find a solution that’s intuitive and user-friendly – one that doesn’t require that your staff sit in multiple training sessions. The more streamlined the approach, the better. In most cases, that means you should be looking for a product that offers mobility and requires no additional hardware to use. If every one of your asset stakeholders can be looped into the conversation, you’ll increase accountability and accuracy throughout your organization.

Ease of use doesn’t imply lack of power, however – you also want to be looking for fixed assets tracking software that’s flexible, customizable and highly adaptable to your needs today, tomorrow and long into the future. Asset Panda gives you the best of all worlds: the most powerful fixed assets tracking software in the world, coupled with the ease of free mobile apps that sync with the cloud, include a mobile barcode scanner and eliminate the need for any additional hardware.


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