Feature Focus: Asset Panda Support

Think back to when you’ve called customer service when something breaks down or you need assistance. How was your experience? Super frustrating? Amazing? Just so-so? For any type of service or product, it is only as good as the people behind it. That is never truer than when it comes to customer service and support. You want to be sure that you have the best resources available to you at any time to help troubleshoot a problem. And that’s where the Asset Panda support team excels!

As a customer investing in a software product of any kind, it’s critical that you can rely on constant and accurate support from a knowledgeable team as part of your investment. As technology continues to change, access to support has become a crucial part of value-based pricing that you are willing to pay as a customer.

Asset Panda has completely changed the game when it comes to tracking assets for companies of all sizes among virtually every industry. And one of the most powerful components of the platform is the Asset Panda support and customer service. Asset Panda features a US-based support team 24/7 for technical support. If you experience an issue at night or on the weekend, you can reach the Asset Panda support staff for the assistance you need so you can get back to the task at hand.

Asset Panda Training

Learning a new technology system for asset and inventory tracking can be intimidating. Many of us are stuck in the “old way” we do things. For asset tracking, that typically means using a handwritten ledger or a shared electronic spreadsheet. Both of those methods are completely outdated and leave companies vulnerable to a multitude of errors that can be very costly.

Employees are resistant to change and the thought of having to spend hours and hours of time learning a completely new platform is very unappealing. They feel like they are losing valuable time that would be better spent on their jobs than learning some new software program.

That’s another valuable benefit of Asset Panda. There is virtually no training required. And for the items you do have questions about, the Asset Panda support team is always available to answer questions or help find a working solution to keep employees productive and on-task.

Asset Panda Video Tutorials

The Asset Panda support service offers a variety of video tutorials that cover many of the basic features like set-up and customization. Customers find that they can easily use them as a starting point in order to get familiarized with the system or as tutorials to learn how to navigate the platform. But sometimes, employees need that extra bit of help, and that’s where the Asset Panda support shines for additional assistance in setting up your system, system configuration, data migration, and much more.

Users Rave About Asset Panda Support

Our users continue to rave about the Asset Panda support they receive no matter what issue they might be having. Jeff Chung, the financial controller with FluxErgy, LLC appreciated the less abrasive and more personable approach he experienced with an Asset Panda support representative who was very patient and walked him through the many questions he had.

Here’s what some other Asset Panda users have had to say about their Asset Panda support experience:

“The customer service is also what sold me. The most friendly, honest and professional people. You will deal with 1 person who will walk you through setting up your trial period and will customize it to your needs in almost no time. Then you get to play around with it to make sure you are happy and gives you an opportunity to ask more questions over a few days or weeks. Then the implementation expert will take it to the next level and fully customize it for you and make sure you know exactly how to use all of the tools. I didn't think I would ever be excited about something like this.”

“Customer service was great at getting us set up with a trial and meeting with us to customize our portal to look exactly how we would like. He switched all of our inventory from our previous management tool to Asset Panda within 15 minutes! He is amazing at making sure we understood how to use all the features that came with Asset Panda and how we could best apply it to our IT environment.”

Many users have provided valuable feedback that has gone into upgrades of the product or new features that were introduced. All of the Asset Panda support staff listen to our users and what they really need and want out of the product. One of the most important features of Asset Panda is that it works how you work. And that goes right down to the service and support. We want the platform to work with you and be flexible enough to change as you need it to, so that it continues to be what you need to track assets, saving both time and money.

Give Asset Panda a try with a free 14-day trial. You’ll receive full access to user guides, video tutorials, free mobile apps as well as a call-in and live chat support from our amazing Asset Panda support team. Visit www.assetpanda.com to get started today.


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