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Website routinely compares software products so that readers can see for themselves the features and selling points of each. Recently, compared Asset Panda and market competitor Yaali in a side-by-side analysis of sales software. This format, which provides comprehensive details including devices supported, popular clients, customer types, pricing type, pricing information, available integrations and more, is an excellent way to understand some of Asset Panda’s chief points of difference and determine whether it’s the right solution for your organization. Readers can dig more deeply and click a link for a detailed review of each product, including a presentation of scenarios each product could solve, its awards and quality certificates, a list of top competitors by price and additional product comparisons.

Among the benefits of Asset Panda listed in the review are its easy customization, affordability, and robust features offering, as well as the tool’s open API for easy and fast integration with other programs and tools. The review adds that Asset Panda charges a flat price that includes all features and tools. “With Asset Panda,” the review says, “companies have a platform where they can perform multiple asset management operations and processes like Asset Tracking, Asset Management, Work Order Tracking, and Safety and Compliance among others.”

It’s worth noting, too, the site’s mention of Asset Panda’s security: “The system also ensures tight security based on roles and appropriate levels of access, so the information users see are relevant to their position or the tasks they are given.”

The scenarios presented by in its review read more like a discussion of the platform’s selling points. For example, companies are able to use Asset Panda as a means to getting all of their employees on the same system, therefore preventing one-off conversations, communication gaps, confusion, and errors. Compliance is another scenario; companies are able to use Asset Panda to prove their compliance with, for example, health and safety training. Safety information can be entered into Asset Panda, and employees can scan a QR code to access training materials and view a history of safety checks on the company’s equipment. Another scenario explains how an equipment supply company could use Asset Panda to track the equipment they sell and support in the field. Their customers may also view their own equipment, request service or re-order – and all from their mobile devices.

These efficiencies really bring to light the capabilities of Asset Panda and demonstrate the tool’s flexibility and adaptability to a near-limitless variety of working situations. One significant problem that so many companies face today is the wasted time and money resulting from inefficient asset and inventory tracking and management procedures. In fact, many organizations still rely on manual tracking – usually an Excel spreadsheet. However, manual procedures aren’t real-time, and they’re subject to human error. An Excel spreadsheet also doesn’t allow for much analysis of trends; nor does it connect all stakeholders within the lifecycle of an asset or inventory item.

Whether you’re a global brand or a small nonprofit, an educational or healthcare institution, or something else, a powerful, yet simple to use asset tracking platform can help you maximize the lifespan of your fixed assets, eliminate waste, improve customer service, establish an equipment refresh timeline, and perhaps most important, let your employees focus on their priorities. See what Asset Panda can do for your business when you try it free for 14 days. For more details, go to


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