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Are you valuing the right things when it comes to your asset management solution? If you’re not, you could be setting your organization up for financial loss without even realizing it.

Your asset tracking data could be flawed which could mean big trouble if things go wrong.

The Importance of Accurate Data For Asset Tracking

Accurate data is never a guarantee when you’re using a spreadsheet solution to track and manage your assets. Spreadsheets leave room for error such as:

In today’s business landscape, data is everywhere; every asset data point you capture is critically important if you use it the right way. It helps you understand your assets:

  • How they’re used
  • Their ROI
  • Their lifecycle status

In addition to understanding the full picture of each and every one of your assets, capturing data points effectively and efficiently helps you avoid wasted time and money.

Some of the more common data point types that are important to capture include:

  • Purchase information (date, cost, vendor, warranty)
  • Current status (user, location, assignment)
  • Maintenance history (repairs, calibrations, updates)
  • Financial data (lifecycle status, current value, disposal date)

However, it’s not enough just to keep track of this data. You have to use it in a way that helps your organization.

Protect Your Customers, Patients and Employees With Equipment Inventory Management

For those in the construction, manufacturing and healthcare industries, maintaining your equipment and ensuring it is safe can literally mean life and death.

If you miss a maintenance or calibration date on a vital piece of equipment, it could become unsafe leading to someone to get injured or worse. In addition, you could face a tremendous amount of liability because you didn’t do your due diligence.

By tracking the asset data with a tool like Asset Panda, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is safe for use. Regular maintenance can help ensure that.

Asset Panda can be used to push notifications to your team to request mileage or usage data on specific assets. This helps you retrieve up-to-date data on a regular basis. The system can then use this data to push notification to alert your team that it’s time to perform routine maintenance and calibration tasks. If those tasks aren’t completed, Asset Panda can tag that particular asset as offline or unavailable.

Protect Your Finances and Investments With An Asset Management Solution

Failing to properly track and manage your assets can potentially cost your company untold amounts of money.

Tracking financial data on your assets can mean the difference between being prepared to replace old equipment or being completely caught unprepared.

By tracking the following data points, you can create a baseline of information for an asset’s life cycle.

  • Make/model
  • Original purchase date
  • Usage and repair history

That initial baseline can then be used to forecast budget requirements to replace the asset once it’s at the end of its useful life.

It can also help you determine which equipment you should avoid or acquire in the future based on an asset’s average return on investment.

How Asset Panda’s Asset Management Solution Gives You Full Visibility

Asset Panda was designed with one purpose - to give you full visibility across all of your assets, wherever your assets may go. By using Asset Panda to manage and track your assets, you gain insight into your assets like never before and in ways you never imagined.

  • Establish lifecycle trends associated with specific makes and models so you know which ones you can trust and which you should avoid.
  • Track and locate specific assets when you need them.
  • Keep your equipment safe and maintained so it’s always safe to use.
  • Forecast your financial responsibilities for future purchases.

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