Hardware Asset Tracking

The larger your organization, the more challenging it is to stay on top of hardware asset tracking. In the midst of the more immediate demands, employees forget to schedule maintenance – or perhaps they’re not clear as to who has the responsibility to keep track of such details. When maintenance is forgotten, a routine service appointment can quickly turn into a major overhaul or even total replacement, therefore driving up your costs. Inadequate management also may lead to stolen hardware or “ghost assets,” which, if left unnoticed, can result in companies continuing to pay insurance and taxes on items not even in their inventory anymore.

But the truth is that even the smallest companies and organizations fail to maintain and track their hardware. Yet, it’s probably one of the most common-sense ways to increase your bottom-line revenues – and save your company immeasurable time, frustration and unproductivity.

We now stand firmly in a digital age in which many of our traditional manual procedures have been replaced with more centralized, mobile systems. Hardware asset tracking is no exception. Relying on manual Excel spreadsheets for data entry has become a risky proposition. Those spreadsheets are subject to human error and oversight and often aren’t accessible to all stakeholders. The ramifications of that confusion are significant: Items aren’t logged, efforts might be duplicated with conflicting data, employees are left to hunt down lost or stolen items, and the information you need for accounting and compliance purposes is not only difficult to locate but also fraught with error.

For some organizations, the leap from traditional to more modern asset tracking systems initially seems daunting both in terms of the learning curve and the expensive they assume it requires. In actuality, though, technology has made it easier than ever for companies of every size to tighten the reins on their asset tracking procedures and manage them simply and accurately. Asset Panda offers the most powerful, flexible, simple and cost-effective mobile asset tracking platform in the world. Using free iOS and Android apps hosted in the cloud, Asset Panda gives organizations one centralized location in which they can access the entire lifecycle of each of their vital hardware assets – and all from the mobile devices they already carry. That resulting efficiency closes the loop among stakeholders, eliminates costly errors and increases accountability. Easy access to data also saves your employees time and frustration.

Entering hardware into your asset database couldn’t be simpler with Asset Panda. The free mobile app includes a mobile barcode scanner, so there’s no need to purchase additional hardware that requires periodic maintenance and replacement. In fact, no additional software or hardware is needed to use Asset Panda, which drives both our costs and your costs down.

No extensive training is required to use Asset Panda; it’s been designed to be extremely easy to use and includes a simple user interface and custom dashboard. The tool is completely customizable, allowing you to customize your assets any way you want. Customizable features include fields, notifications and alerts, electronic signature capability, and a calendar. Upload images, videos, documents or voice notes relevant to each asset. Open API, asset tracking mapping software, asset check-in/check-out, easy data import, asset tracking depreciation/inflation software and audit software are among the additional features our clients love. Every account is a premium account with Asset Panda. Clients aren’t charged for various service levels, nor are they charged per user; they’re entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional cost.

When your data is accurate and easily accessible, you maximize the life of each of your vital assets. That’s a smart move for tightening your bottom line, eliminating wasted time and increasing your overall efficiency.

See for yourself why some of the world’s biggest brands trust Asset Panda to help them manage their hardware and other critical assets. To start your free 14-day trial, visit assetpanda.com

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