How do You Find the Best Asset Tracking Solution for Your Organization?

There are a lot of asset tracking solutions on the market – and if you’re relatively new to the subject of asset management, it’s challenge to determine which features will best fit your company’s needs. That’s why finding a completely customizable asset tracking solution is an absolute must. No two organizations are identical, and your requirements will change over time. You should be looking for a system that adapts to your company, not the other way around.

Cloud technology has transformed the future of asset tracking, and that’s great news for every organization striving for more efficiency, accuracy and bottom-line savings. In fact, it’s never been easier or more cost-effective to track the equipment and assets upon which your company depends.

Asset Panda presents a powerful and completely customizable asset tracking solution that has no peer in the industry. Our mobile and web-based solution is the result of extensive research, testing and customer feedback. It’s incredibly easy to use and removes the frustration associated with traditional asset tracking processes: lost inventory, human error, frustration, wasted time and money, to name just a few. Best of all, your smartphone or tablet is all that’s required to manage the entire lifecycle of each of the assets upon which your company depends.

As you’re comparison shopping, you’ll find quite a few products that require a separate barcode scanner to log each item in your inventory. Those scanners inevitably break down and require repair and replacement. Other asset tracking tools typically require each user to have a license from a PC, which carry associated fees. Asset Panda’s price point is a fraction of the cost of our competitors, and that’s mostly due to the fact that our free Android and iOS apps sync with the cloud. That technology means we don’t have hardware or software licenses to pay for upgrades. No extra equipment is required, and you’re entitled to an unlimited number of users.

Ease of use is absolutely imperative for any asset tracking solution, particularly if you have multiple staff involved in your process. You need a tracking solution that effectively closes the communication loop among all stakeholders. Asset Panda’s cloud-based system is incredibly simple and intuitive; no training is required. If you have any questions, however, Asset Panda customer service is at your fingertips, ready to support customers in real time both in the field and globally. Our users aren’t limited to PC or scanner access and don’t have to wait for incremental bug fixes and assorted patchwork.

Based on the philosophy that clients need a way to track their assets exactly how they want, Asset Panda may be tied to multiple books or kits, offers configurable reporting for compliance, straight line depreciation and asset appreciation calculation. The system also provides user field and user location security, plus area user level security within locations.

A robust and continually expanding set of features - open API, mobile check-in/check-out, custom electronic signature, custom notifications, social media integration, custom reporting, the ability to track non-traditional assets and more – make Asset Panda the most flexible tool in the marketplace in response the needs of your organization, even as they change over time.

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