Improving Your Pest Control Vehicle Layout


Your pest control workers rely on their vehicles and the tools within them to travel to client homes and do their job. Your vehicle is your business, just in an easily transportable way.

Are your vehicles set up in a way that supports your business, or do workers have to constantly search for their equipment? Your vehicle needs to be set up in a way that makes your job easy and effortless.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind when setting up your portable pest control business.

Follow Vehicle Safety Requirements

There are certain requirements for pesticide storage you must follow. Some states have different requirements, so make sure you check for your state’s laws in that regard. Pesticides must have labels that indicate what’s in them when stored in small containers. There are also sometimes local ordinances that regulate building and zoning codes that may be applicable to your vehicle.

Chemicals also need to be stored with proper ventilation so that your workers don’t get pesticide poisoning. Since they’ll be driving in the vehicles often, you need to have some sort of ventilation set up so that the vehicle is safe to use.

Identify the Amount of Gear in Your Pest Control Vehicle

How much gear do your workers use? Are there some jobs that require different set-ups than others? It’s time to take a stroll through each vehicle. Track everything you find in there, no matter what. Then, take a look at everything you’ve cataloged. Are there things in there that you or your technicians haven’t used for months? Are there things you use frequently but are stored in an inconvenient place?

Sort through your gear and arrange it so that the things you use most are the easiest to access. Toss out the things you haven’t used in months unless they are highly specialized tools that are only used for specific jobs.

Secure Your Set-up

How secure are your tools, shelves, and other storage apparatus? Do they slide around when you drive? Your set up needs to be secure enough that it won’t move around during transit. Anything else is a safety hazard that can get your business in big trouble. You have toxic chemicals in there, and if they’re unsecured, they pose a huge threat of breaking loose and hurting your technicians and anyone else around.

Track Assets Per Vehicle

Tracking all of your assets separately doesn’t make sense. Everything in one pest control vehicle travels together. Kit your vehicle in such a way that you know exactly what each worker has with them. Create a storage solution that makes sense, and then identify what you’ve created. Record the solution so it can be easily recreated after each job. Your pest control workers will then know exactly what they should have. If they don’t have what they need, then they can request it because they’ll know what’s missing.

If you’re not sure of how to do this, Asset Panda can provide the solution. Our flexible asset tracking platform can be configured as such to track your assets per vehicle. You can create van entries in the database and then add as many asset fields as necessary to describe the equipment stored in each one. You can also add GPS tracking so you’ll know where each vehicle is and what job they’re doing. You’ll have the information you need to dispatch workers to jobs that haven’t been started and can efficiently run your pest control business.


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