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Current technology is changing faster than you can blink. Trying to buy up-to-date software every time a new update or version release can be a major drain on your company's finances. However, by not having the latest software for your business, you run the risk of losing business to your competition. Either action could be costly to your company.

Before you get too worried, there is an easy solution. Leasing software equipment can help you stay competitive with the latest versions and save money on your technical budget. Leasing helps you keep your equipment and software up to date. With most leasing programs, you won't have to pay anything upfront and will only need to worry about your software's monthly expenses.

Most businesses know what kinds of industry specific software will best help them. Programs that assist with point of sale, business and accounting management, and inventory management make it easier for companies to do their job with less man power, ultimately saving them money. However, most companies cannot afford the initial investment needed to obtain this software.

Without the right software, warehouses can't keep track of maintenance schedules, equipment check outs, and other vital asset data. Retail-oriented companies can't reliably track their inventory, customer purchase history, and vendor information without the right software to suit their needs.

Software crucial to your company's operation is considered an intangible asset. It's not something you can touch, but your business still depends on it to get the job done.

When leasing software equipment, you need to make sure you know exactly what you're leasing, how much you paid for it, and where it is currently located. Keeping track of leased equipment can arguably be more important than keeping track of equipment you own. If you misplace assets that don't belong to you, your company has a lot more to lose than if you misplace ones you own. Not only do you have to worry about paying for the remainder of the asset, you also need to replace it. You could also damage your company's reputation and relationship from the party you've leased your software assets from.

With Asset Panda, you don't have to worry about misplacing leased software equipment. Our cloud based platform lets you access everything you need to know about your leased software. Your team can use their smart phones to open our mobile app and see information like which software is leased or owned, who is using the software, what machines can access it and so on.

You can also store lease specific data on our highly configurable platform. Things like how many licenses of the software your company owns, rules on using the software, and available update schedules will help your company make the most of leasing software equipment.

We know how hard it is to transition to a new platform, so we've made it easier than ever to use our software. Our customizable platform integrates with your existing system, so your team won't have to learn everything from scratch.

Along with keeping track of your leased software, you can also track your equipment and other fixed assets. Asset Panda offers several solutions to optimize audit checks and facilities management relevant to your assets.

PC Magazine has rated us “excellent”, so you can feel comfortable knowing you're using an expert approved asset tracking platform. Visit to see what our software can do for you, or request a free demo to see for yourself.

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