Managing Your Collection of Holiday Decorations

It's easy to rack up quite a collection of holiday decorations. These decorations are likely something you use once a year, and if you are like most people, you pack them up and move on to the next holiday once you're finished using them.With each passing year, you probably add a few items to your stash. The thing about these decorations is that it's easy to forget about them until the holiday rolls around the next year. Then, when you're going through boxes preparing to decorate, you realize how much you have actually accumulated. Over the years, it is possible to amass a very valuable collection of household decorations. Beyond the monetary value, it’s also easy to lose track of what you actually have stored away in your decoration boxes.

Separate by Holiday and Know What You Own

When the holiday is over, it is not atypical to throw everything into an unlabeled box and store it in the garage or basement. One way to begin keeping track of what you've accumulated is to inventory your collection. It may seem like an unnecessary step to take, but if you own hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars' worth of holiday decorations, you can greatly benefit from proving what you own in case of theft or destruction of your home. Furthermore, you can simplify the holiday decorating experience if you have an accurate listing of what you own.

Asset Panda's inventory tracking app provides you with a simplistic way to take account of what you own. As you’re going through your boxes, you’ll probably stumble upon some items you didn’t know you owned and also some that you can sell or give away. As such, using asset tracking software kills two birds with one stone – cleaning and protection.

Track Your Items and Share the Love

Going through boxes of belongings can be a very tedious process. You shouldn’t feel as though you have to go through everything at once. You can spread the process out over an entire year if you desire. When a given holiday rolls around, go through everything you have for that holiday, and then input what you decide to keep in the asset tracking software. Asset Panda makes the process of documenting your possessions relatively simple. If you haven’t used a decoration in several years and it has no sentimental value, consider allowing someone else enjoy it. This could even be a moneymaking endeavor for you if you decide to have a yard sale with your throwaway items. If a yard sale is not your thing, you can always donate items to a charitable organization.

Once you have all of your items tracked and accounted for, you will find that decorating for the holidays is a much easier process than it once was. You can look back at your inventory and decide what to use before pulling out any boxes. Also, this can prevent you from falling into a common post-holiday trap. Each year, retailers put holiday decorations on sale once the celebrations end. If you are fond of decorations, you can find yourself purchasing items you don’t need, or already own. This clutters your home and makes for a more difficult process when it comes to decorating for the holiday the next year. If you use Asset Panda’s app and look back at your inventory before heading out to any stores, you can get a gauge for what to avoid when retailers try to rope you into buying decorations at a very steep discount.


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