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How would you feel if you went to see your doctor, but as usual, he couldn't find the equipment he was looking for? Instead, you're left waiting several minutes beyond your waiting room time as he rummages through drawers in the room for what seems like the umpteenth time before going to ask a nurse for help. Most people would think that this doctor and practice don't know what they're doing, and some would probably never want to come back.  

Healthcare clinics and practices use thousands of medical devices to give their patients the treatment they need. Relying on a medical inventory management software to reliably track all these devices is necessary to streamline patient care and keep your practice running smoothly.

Medical Inventory Management Software Brings You Back to the Patient

The widespread adoption of technology in hospitals and clinics has given medical professionals too much information to track. Many are worried that they are spending too much time on the computer and not enough time with the patient.

However, if you are spending a few minutes with each patient trying to find equipment necessary for treatment, that adds up quickly. It means you’ll have to turn patients away because you don’t have time to treat them.

The right medical inventory management software will save you time, not take up more. When you can use a mobile device to search for what you need and find it right away, you’ll be able to spend more face time with the people you treat.

Healthcare Asset Tracking Systems Make It Easy to Keep Equipment Clean

Patient health and safety depends on your clinic’s ability to sterilize and maintain your medical devices. Prevent infection and illness from spreading by implementing cleaning procedures as part of the tracking process.

When someone in your office goes to check out an item, you can include a cleaning and sterilization checklist in the asset records. That way, no one wonders what they have to do before returning each item. Cleaning each tool between uses prevents cross-contamination and makes it so that you don’t accidentally pass something on to the people you are supposed to help heal.

Departments Can Share Medical Devices Without a Hitch

Smaller clinics have a limited number of resources to go around. Sometimes that means other departments have to share medical equipment. However, several potential problems come when multiple people are using the same assets. Without medical inventory management software, the same piece of equipment could have simultaneous demands for use. This can get problematic and increases patient wait time.

Keeping your information in a cloud-based database means that everyone can see when a potential asset is in use. Medical assistants, nurses, and doctors can send in a request to make sure they have the tools they need to treat their patients at the time of service.

Asset Panda's healthcare asset tracking system

Asset Panda understands that you rely on properly maintained medical devices to give your patients the treatment they expect from you. Spending too much time trying to figure out which tools are safe to use and which still need to be cleaned prevents you from helping those who rely on your care. Our flexible interface is designed to help you maintain and track your tools in a cinch.

One of the things they like about our software is the mobile capability. The mobile app makes it easy for anyone to login to the database from any location. This means that if you need a device but aren’t right next to a computer when seeing a patient, you can figure out where it is located in seconds.

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