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As a managed service provider, it can be challenging to keep up with the variety of IT services you offer and scale your business operations. With Asset Panda's MSP Partner Program, you can seamlessly manage all your client accounts in one cohesive platform and increase profit margins.  

Let’s take a look at what Asset Panda’s MSP Partner Program entails, how it benefits MSPs like yours, and, most importantly, how to get started. 

Overview of Asset Panda’s MSP Partner Program 

When you join Asset Panda’s MSP Partner Program, you’ll not only gain access to our comprehensive IT asset management (ITAM) software but the ability to expand your business offerings. Here’s a brief overview of how MSPs leverage our Partner Program to boost efficiency and drive revenue growth.  

Next-generation IT Asset Management 

Designed with visionary IT leaders like you in mind, Asset Panda’s multi-tenant platform allows you to track everything in one centralized place. Seamlessly manage each client’s devices in their own unique account under one secure umbrella platform and easily scale your program as you gain new clients. With all the information you need at your fingertips, you can quickly respond to client requests and service tickets, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.  

New Revenue Stream Opportunities 

Asset Panda not only empowers your team to better manage your client accounts and their IT devices but also helps you introduce new revenue streams. Through our secure, multi-tenant solution, you can add asset management software to your business offering and grant your clients access to their unique accounts. As an MSP Partner, you’ll not only boost your profit margins but also give your clients visibility into their IT asset inventory, helping them further improve efficiency.  

Benefits of Joining Asset Panda’s MSP Partner Program 

Utilizing and reselling Asset Panda’s robust ITAM software are just two advantages of our MSP Partner Program. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the numerous benefits you can realize as one of our valued MSP partners. 

Effortless Scalability and Profitability 

Whether you’re signing on new clients or uploading additional devices and users, scaling your Asset Panda program is seamless. Our agile, multi-tenant platform grows with you, so you never have to worry about finding additional solutions once you hit a certain number of clients or assets. With the ability to add unlimited client accounts, and unlimited users within each account, it’s a breeze to add a self-service IT asset management option to your business offerings and drive revenue. 

Sustainable IT Strategy 

According to Grand View Research, the global MSP market was valued at an estimated $299B in 2023. This number is only expected to increase between now and 2030, which means there’s no time like the present to create new revenue streams and future-proof your business. 

As our MSP Partner, you’ll be able to improve profit margins and build predictable revenue streams through your own loyal client base. With your customers able to primarily manage their IT assets directly in Asset Panda, they’ll further boost productivity, be easier to retain, and provide you with sustainable revenue. With wider profit margins and our innovative ITAM platform, you can better position your organization for success, both today and in the years to come. 

Customizable & Agnostic Platform 

With Asset Panda’s robust IT asset management capabilities, you may be wondering, how easy is it to set up your program? Don’t fret! Our highly customizable platform allows you to use your existing workflows and naming conventions so there’s no need to change the way you work. This means you can quickly get your internal team up to speed and, in turn, better serve your clients. Between our intuitive interface and the ability to leverage your existing processes, you’ll realize fast time to value and high user adoption.  

While IT asset management likely makes up the bulk of your business offering, there are virtually unlimited asset types and use cases that Asset Panda supports. Easily track the other assets that are important to your business, such as office furniture, meeting rooms, and even small inventory items like pens and paper. Whichever items your organization relies on, our agnostic platform can help you keep track of it in real time.  

Streamlined Communication 

Even with up-to-date information readily available in your Asset Panda platform, you might not catch every single change that’s been made recently without pulling a report. That’s why we allow you to build custom, real-time notifications to ensure everyone stays in the loop when changes are made. While there are virtually unlimited changes and updates you may want to keep tabs on, a few common examples we see are: 

  • IT asset records added or deleted 
  • New device assignments 
  • Service tickets recently submitted or completed 

Beyond the updates you track through real-time notifications, you can always access a device’s full history in its individual asset record and pull Change Reports for specific asset groups. To further streamline communication, our mobile app with offline access makes it easy to update asset records from anywhere. Whether your team is hybrid or remote, or you’re on-site with a client, you never have to worry about missing a beat. 

A Partner You Can Rely On 

The tech landscape is ever-evolving, which is why the Asset Panda team is committed to continuous product innovation. As our MSP partner, you can feel confident that both you and your customers will have access to the most coveted IT asset management features.  

From AI-enabled features to top-requested integrations, Asset Panda is constantly combing through feature requests and researching trends to provide our partners and customers with the best experience possible. Not to mention, our world-class support team is available via email 24/7 and hosts bi-weekly virtual office hours to ensure we’re there when you need us. And, of course, if you prefer a self-service option, our extensive Knowledge Center is readily available to offer how-to guides and best practices.  

Secure and Unified Tech Stack 

We know security is top-of-mind for you and your clients, which is why we proudly back our cloud-based platform with SOC 2 Type II certification and 256-bit SSL encryption to protect your data. Between our multi-tenancy capabilities, single sign-on options, and fully customizable user permissions, your internal team can remain confident that the right clients are accessing the right accounts.  

Beyond creating a secure environment for your internal and external users, Asset Panda also has integrations with 18 top software applications so you can easily unify your asset data. From ticketing systems to device managers and beyond, you can rely on our secure and centralized IT asset management platform.    

Accurate Data with Audits and Reporting 

Your asset management program is only as good as your data, so Asset Panda makes it simple to build, assign, and perform audits. Using our built-in barcode technology, you and your clients can create and scan unique barcode labels for seamless audits and, of course, accurate data!  

Whether you want to review audit results or check on the overall state of employee laptops, you can easily run real-time reports in Asset Panda to stay up to date and identify any anomalies in your data. Routine audits and reports not only help maintain data accuracy in your Asset Panda platform but allow you and your clients to improve accountability and compliance.   

Full Asset Lifecycle Management 

Beyond maintaining up-to-date information with our auditing and reporting capabilities, you can also accurately track the full lifecycle of each device with Asset Panda. With robust asset records, you’ll get full transparency into the history of each individual IT asset, including the original purchase date, its assignment history, previous repairs, and current estimated value. By proactively managing the full lifecycle of your IT devices, you can track upcoming maintenance, optimize asset utilization, and reduce potential downtime and unnecessary purchases.  

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Retention 

With a secure, centralized IT asset management program at your fingertips, your team can provide the truly exceptional service your customers deserve. From faster response times to optimized asset utilization, Asset Panda’s ITAM solution helps you boost productivity and delight your customers.  

Even the smallest improvement in customer satisfaction can bolster your chances of retaining them in the long run. In fact, customer retention rates increase by 5% for every 1% lift in satisfaction. While you can certainly provide great customer service through a standard MSP-client relationship, adding IT asset management access to your business offering gives your clients a chance to further improve efficiency on their own terms and work with you as a partner. That is perhaps the best recipe for long-term success and retention as a managed service provider. 

Partner with Asset Panda 

As the MSP market continues to grow and evolve, it’s essential to future-proof your IT asset management strategy and consistently optimize customer satisfaction and retention. While you'll quickly see improvements in your internal team’s productivity and response times with Asset Panda’s robust ITAM platform, signing on as one of our MSP partners is a seamless way to create new and reliable revenue streams for your business.  

If you’re ready to say goodbye to siloed customer data and hello to newfound profitability, sign up for Asset Panda’s MSP Partner Program.  

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