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Online asset tracking offers numerous advantages for any organization, in terms of time and revenue savings and increased efficiencies. Keeping tabs on the whereabouts and condition of every one of your vital assets is an extremely challenging task. Those assets are often changing hands, and each of them is attached to a maintenance schedule, insurance policy and other unique data that must be tracked for compliance and accounting purposes. The traditional manual method of recordkeeping, which typically involves an Excel spreadsheet, is not only error-prone, but frustrating. The inevitable neglect of those spreadsheets may result in your company paying for “ghost assets” – items you don’t even have in your inventory anymore. Those items may have long since been retired from your inventory due to breakdown, or they may have been stolen. But without accurate records, you’re none the wiser and continue to pay insurance for those assets.

Thankfully, there’s an infinitely more efficient way to monitor your vital assets. Asset Panda offers the most powerful mobile asset tracking platform in the world, with free iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud and require no additional hardware, software or equipment to operate. All that’s required to use Asset Panda is the mobile device you already carry – a smartphone or tablet. There’s no servers to manage, software licenses to purchase or hardware to install. Everything you need to monitor the entire lifecycle of each of your vital assets is in the palm of your hand. Within seconds, you have insight into information like check-in/check-out status, maintenance history, purchase/lease details, and insurance policy expiration dates.

Key selling points you should be looking for with any asset tracking solution are flexibility and ease of use. Asset Panda adapts to the way you work; our tool was built to offer our clients complete customization to fit their unique specifications. You’re able to configure the app to accommodate your needs, creating custom fields, notifications and alerts, a calendar and dashboard. Either use the tool’s built-in asset tracking reports, or configure your own with such information as audit, action, change, depreciation and inflation. Upload details like images, videos, documents and voice notes to your asset data. When every relevant detail about your assets lives in one centralized location, you no longer have to waste countless hours hunting down asset information. Asset Panda also provides clients with an enterprise service desk option that can virtually eliminate support calls.

Security settings, too, are configurable, based on user locations, roles, and field-level permissions. Our highly flexible platform and open API offer easy integration with any software you currently use. It’s simple to move data back and forth between applications. Additionally, our configuration specialists can help you optimize your processes with a seamless integration between Asset Panda and your current system. You’re entitled to an unlimited number of users, each with their own security credentials and customized levels of access. Stakeholders can collaborate easily and securely across departments. The result is better communication and more accountability.

Although it’s the most powerful mobile asset tracking system in the world, no extensive training is required to use Asset Panda. It’s intuitive and simple, yet scalable to meet your needs today and well into the future as your organization continues to evolve.

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