Ease of Use is Everything: Asset Panda Scanner is Built Into the App

If you’re on the hunt for an efficient, reliable and easy to use the asset and inventory tracking platform, note that the Asset Panda scanner is built right into our free mobile Android and iOS apps. That’s a benefit you may not have considered before now, but as you’re preparing for the busy holiday season, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a built-in scanner. Let’s say, for example, that you’re adding items into your inventory tracking system in preparation for holiday sales. Traditionally, you’d need a separate handheld scanner to scan barcodes and upload items into the system. Now comes the fun part: tracking one down. A company who relies on such technology usually has a limited amount of these separate scanners. Those devices may also become lost or stolen, or they might break down over time and require servicing and replacement. Frankly, they’re just one more thing to manage in your busy schedule. When all you have to do to access your scanner is to reach for the smartphone or tablet you already carry, you save yourself serious time and frustration – not to mention the money required to purchase and maintain handheld scanners.

The Asset Panda scanner enables you to quickly upload an asset or inventory item, then add supporting information like documents, voice notes, photos and/or videos. Our free app stores the entire lifecycle of every one of your assets, from their initial acquisition, periodic maintenance and movement throughout your organization to their eventual phase-out and replacement. The most powerful mobile asset and inventory tracking platform in the world, Asset Panda syncs with the cloud – so your data is always in real time. Whether it’s during the workday or after hours, you can pull up within seconds such details as an item’s exact location, including GPS coordinates; check-in/check-out status; the identity of the person who has it; its condition and complete maintenance history; warranty, insurance and lease/purchase information; depreciation and inflation; and more. You can create work orders and even use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk, if you wish, to reduce your support call volume.

Here's how to add a new asset using Asset Panda on your mobile device:

Not only is Asset Panda user-friendly and intuitive, you can also add as many users as you’d like for no additional charge. That advantage, in turn, enables you to close the communication loop among all stakeholders involved with your assets and/or inventory – increasing both accountability and accuracy throughout your entire organization. At tax time, you can rest easy knowing that the values you provide your accounting and compliance teams are accurate and in real time. The app is customizable, so you control how your data is organized and displayed. Set up custom criteria like location-based or user-based security, a custom dashboard, fields and columns, a calendar feature, notifications, alerts and reports for deeper analysis. When you know you can rely on your data, you can make better budgeting and financial decisions. From an inventory standpoint, you reduce your risk of being out of stock or carrying too much stock. And, because all of your stakeholders will be on board, you’ll want a simple to use the platform. Asset Panda requires no special training to master, but our customer service is at your fingertips should you have any questions.

It’s the holiday season, and you and your employees are on the go. Don’t waste precious time hunting down scanners when all you need for powerful and accurate asset and inventory tracking already lives in the palm of your hand. Set yourself up for success in the New Year. Try Asset Panda free for 14 days. To learn more or to get started, go to assetpanda.com

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