Humans Aren’t Perfect, but Your Data Needs to be – and Asset Panda Tools Can Help


Asset Panda tools are helping companies and organizations throughout the world manage their fixed assets more effectively. Imagine discovering that you’ve been paying insurance for fixed assets you don’t even have in your inventory anymore. It’s incredibly wasteful, and yet common practice when companies don’t have a handle on their asset tracking process. Items can easily go missing or otherwise fall through the cracks, and if they’re not reported, you have no way of knowing that you’re throwing money away on these ghost assets. Another common scenario: A piece of equipment suddenly breaks down, causing productivity to come to a halt while you wait for service. And when the serviceman arrives, you find out that you’re in for a major repair, or that you need a replacement. Unfortunately, if you’d kept up with your service schedule, all you’d need is a far less expensive minor fix.

Every company is looking for ways to cut costs. Within any organization, you’re likely to find numerous opportunities to eliminate waste, duplication or other inefficiencies. Your fixed assets provide you a significant opportunity to trim costs, save time and eliminate frustration while you maximize the lifespan of your biggest investments. Asset Panda tools are the most powerful, yet simple to use on the market.

While asset tracking and management are critical business functions, you shouldn’t have to devote hours to the task. Instead, you can outsource them while increasing your accuracy. When you put an employee or employees on the job of tracking assets, mistakes are inevitable. Whether it’s a missed keystroke, duplication of effort, oversight or some other error, humans aren’t perfect – but your asset data needs to be. With Asset Panda tools, you turn this vital task over to mobile technology. All of your vital fixed assets have barcodes, and after you enter them into Asset Panda using our mobile scanner, you can add supporting documents, videos, voice notes and/or photos. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps contain the entire lifecycle of everyone of your assets. Within seconds, you can pull up an asset’s complete maintenance history, insurance policy, depreciation, condition, identity of the person who has it, its GPS coordinates, lease/purchase information, warranty and other details.

Your asset tracking platform should effectively bring all stakeholders into the asset-tracking conversation for accuracy and accountability. Asset Panda closes that communication loop by empowering clients to add as many users as they’d like for no additional fee. Asset tracking is complicated, but our free apps have been designed to be incredibly intuitive. Customizable features include the ability to generate custom forms, custom calculation fields, custom asset listing view, custom email notifications and alerts, and custom reports. You can also set up custom security settings based on a user’s location or role. An action can be configured to change the status of an asset when it’s performed. Importing and exporting data is quick and easy. Everything you need to manage your assets from the time you acquire them to the time you retire them lives in the palm of your hand. You won’t need any additional hardware or software to use Asset Panda – only the smartphones and tablets you and your employees already carry.

Because Asset Panda syncs with the cloud, your data is always in real time, giving you peace of mind – especially when it’s time to supply your accounting and compliance teams with the information they need. This flexible platform adapts as your business needs change and as technology evolves.

Here's a look at school districts use Asset Panda to keep track of their assets and their whereabouts:

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