Retail Gets A Happy Holiday From Mobile Asset Tracking

As the holiday season kicks off, retail outlets are getting in full sales mode and are readying their stock and employees to spread a little holiday cheer. Shoppers are looking for those perfect gifts and they look to their favorite retailers to fill that need. With so many stores looking to capture a buying audience, it’s of utmost importance that they have their inventory under control and know what they have. Shoppers have a choice of places to go, and if their first stop doesn’t have what they need, they will find another competitor who does. This is where mobile asset tracking can make or break the all important sale.

Retail companies have unique issues when it comes to tracking their assets. Depending on the nature of the business, those needs for accurate and timely reports are even more important if there are multiple locations and inventory and/or assets are moved from place to place.

Retail is also very cognizant of the bottom line and sales reports data and audits need to be rapidly deployed to determine the course of the business and changes to marketing activities. The home office and the accounting department don’t have time for staff to count items or try to guess on how sales are going at any given moment, especially at the holidays when every dollar counts.

Employing an asset tracking and management system has made a world of difference for retail companies. Whether an e-commerce site or a brick and mortar location, knowing what you have and where it is are two important pieces of data that every company should know.

Many platforms now include mobile asset tracking. This feature leverages the cloud and free mobile apps to help retailers get the information they need about their assets no matter where they are. Many businesses are relying more and more on mobile devices and giving the responsibility and accountability directly to their employees. Tablets and smartphones are becoming more common sights at check out over the traditional cash registers. Mobile capabilities built into asset tracking and management platforms capture data instantly about each individual asset and stores that data in one centralized location.

The mobile apps enable employees to scan barcoded asset tags, which automatically captures data and synchronizes it in real-time with the asset database. The result? Improved data accuracy which leads to reduced costs from reduced duplicate purchases, lower incidents of lost or misplaced items, up-to-date sales information.

In the retail industry, turnover can be quite high, especially with the addition of season employees. There is no time to train them on challenging, hard-to-understand tracking and reporting system. Staff needs to focus on sales, not spending time manually entering data into an excel sheet when inventory comes in or a product is sold or constantly training new employees how to use a complicated system.

Asset Panda is the perfect solution for asset tracking and management – and not just at the holidays! Asset Panda is simple to use with a very intuitive platform. Leading retailers are recognizing that better asset tracking processes will lead to lower cost of doing business by reducing loss, property taxes, and the amount of insurance they are required to carry.  All the home office needs to do is run reports to get detailed, real time data from the field.

All the data about an asset is stored in one safe and secure location. Your retail employee simply logs into Asset Panda from their own smartphone or tablet and scans the barcode or Asset ID to have access to a complete record of that asset along with any attached materials such as documents, photos, and videos.

While the Asset Panda app is incredibly powerful, it’s also extremely easy to use. No training is needed – even for the most technologically challenged employee. From the palm of your hand, thanks to mobile asset tracking 24 hours a day, you can check on an item’s check-in/check-out status, GPS location, insurance policy, lease/purchase information, maintenance history and depreciation figures. Asset Panda adapts to how you work now, and it’s flexible enough to adapt as your needs change in the future.

Make the holiday season a happy one with mobile asset tracking from Asset Panda. Our gift to you? A free 14-day trial. Visit to get started today!

Audra London

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