The True Value of a Service System for Hospital Inventories

Hundreds of individuals work at large hospitals or clinics, which makes it easy for medical supplies to get misplaced or lost. Implementing a service system for hospital inventories is a great way to reduce spending on medical inventory while still having the items necessary to treat patients.

Hospitals have several dozen departments. From the emergency room to specialized clinics like cardiology, each department needs to stay stocked up on relevant medical supplies. However, this need sometimes creates a huge time sink for medical staff who would otherwise be seeing patients. Departments will either spend too much time manually sorting inventory, or not sorting it at all.

Either one of these options is inefficient. One of them prevents you from spending the time you need with patients. The other puts you at risk of not having the items necessary to treat, diagnose, and improve patient health.

How Does a Service System for Hospital Inventories Allow You to Spend More Time with Patients?

If you’ve spent more than a few years working at a hospital, you’ve probably been around when they’ve implemented a new system. It takes a lot of work, and staff often has a hard time adjusting to the new procedures. How does introducing new systems help your facility if they take too much time to figure out?

While adjusting to your new asset tracking system can be difficult at first, over time the benefits will outweigh the inconveniences. Here are the top benefits of using a service system for hospital inventories.

Ensures You Have the Right Supplies on Hand

Running out of medical supplies before you treat a patient can be incredibly unsafe. In some cases, it may even be life-threatening. You need to make sure you always have the medical supplies that could be necessary at any time. It’s not enough to stock up on what’s normally needed. You never know when a patient could have a unique case that requires irregular supplies.

Tracking items and updating your asset database will help all your medical professionals identify necessary supplies and find them in seconds.

Decreases Chance of Buying Too Much

On the flip side, it’s possible to buy supplies you don’t need. If you’re unaware of what you have on hand and try to buy supplies off the top of your head, you’ll likely purchase way too much of something you don’t need.

Some items have expiration dates and aren’t safe to use once that date has passed. If you buy too many of these items, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to throw them out, wasting even more budget money. Instead of buying items you don’t need, track all of your assets in your database and make sure you don’t waste precious hospital funding.

Reduces Time Spent on Inventory Management

Your medical staff shouldn’t spend hours checking on medical supplies. They’re trained to treat patients and should be using those skills accordingly.

You also don’t need to hire someone just to manage your inventory. Once you’ve implemented and set up a proper service system for hospital inventories, your employees should all be able to scan an item to update records. They’ll also be able to pull up item records through the database and find the supplies they need that way.

Asset Panda’s platform can easily be set up to manage healthcare assets. We understand that your hospital interacts with thousands of devices and pieces of equipment each year. It’s difficult to keep up with that kind of volume. We’ll help you set up your software to supplement your employee work and get you back to seeing patients.

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