Supply Tracking Software Has Never Been More Vital

Reliable supply tracking software is never more vital than during times of natural disaster. As we watch nature’s fury during the summer and early fall of 2017, we’re reminded that search, rescue and recovery are extremely complex. First responders need the assurance that when they arrive on the scene, and lives are on the line, they’ll have the equipment and tools they need to do their jobs, and quickly.

Disaster relief often includes environmental concerns (for example, contaminated water following floods, or hazardous materials that could cause harm), and every second counts. There’s simply no time to wait on those crucial assets needed to contain and resolve issues. Without the proper tools available, a bad situation could turn worse. Another factor to consider is whether the equipment on which emergency teams depend has been properly maintained. Supply tracking software often includes a means to track routine maintenance, issue reminders and alerts, and create work orders so that organizations maximize the lifespan of their equipment, avoid costly fixes and premature breakdowns – or replacements. It’s also worth noting that if your equipment isn’t properly maintained, you’re potentially putting relief workers at risk at precisely the time when they’re most needed.

Government grants, both state and federal, often are the lifeblood of first responder organizations. Qualification for those funds depends on a relief organization’s ability to track, manage and maintain its assets. Poor recordkeeping, lost or stolen assets, or assets that haven’t been properly maintained can result in reduced or eliminated funding, which then forces first responders either to make do with what they have or incur the cost for needed items themselves, possibly adding financial stress to the organization.

The time to be prepared for disasters, of course, is long before one actually occurs. Supply tracking software enables emergency responders, relief organizations and others to have plans in place, including adequate supplies of working equipment assigned to specific teams. The software also provides a way to examine equipment allocation across the board, determine where items are needed and where they’re idle, and make adjustments as necessary.

All too many organizations continue to rely on manual tracking procedures. For disaster relief, in particular, using an Excel spreadsheet or pen and paper to track and manage your vital assets is too risky. Human errors can and do occur; for example, gaps in recordkeeping, typos or “ghost assets” for which an organization continues to pay insurance unwittingly. Supply tracking software removes the guesswork and costly mistakes and allows first responders to focus on what they do best: saving lives. Staff members are able to access at a moment’s notice the exact location and condition of an item. Ideally, supply tracking software brings everyone into the communication loop, which then increases accountability across the board. At any given time, staff members know who has a specific piece of equipment and when it’s due to be checked back into the system. If something goes wrong with the asset, the onus in on that staff member.

Collectively, all of these increased efficiencies delivered by supply tracking software relieve first responders from the stress of having to deal with lost or broken-down equipment, and empower them to uphold their mission to serve and protect individuals and families in harm’s way.

Here's how one company used Asset Panda to track maintenance on generators:

Asset Panda’s supply tracking software, served up through the most powerful mobile platform in the world, provides a highly intuitive, cloud-based solution to relief organizations. All you need to use Asset Panda is the mobile device you already carry – a smartphone or tablet – and you can add as many users as you’d like at no extra charge. In the palm of your hand, you have 24-hour access to real-time asset data, including an item’s exact location and GPS coordinates; its condition and complete maintenance history; the identity of the person who has it; and its check-in/check-out status, among many other details. Asset Panda’s customizable features, flexibility and user-friendly interface, not to mention its price point, make it the best supply tracking software solution for your needs. To learn more, or to begin your free 14-day trial, go to

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