Why You Need to Prioritize Tool Inventory Control

When people hear the word inventory, most would think of sorting shelves of product waiting before they're placed in a physical store or location in front of customers' eyes. But using a tool inventory control system to track the items your employees need to do their jobs can be more helpful than manual sorting.

If you already have an inventory process in place, it’s easy to carry that process over to tracking your tools. You might need to change some of the parameters used to track your items since their purpose differs from the product you intend to sell. You understand that it’s important to track consumer-facing items. But tracing backend items is just as important as the products that make you money. Here’s why.

Your Employees Can’t Do Their Job Without Tools

If your employees can’t find their tools, they won’t be able to work. That means they can’t place the income generating items where customers can see them, and your whole operation comes to a halt.

Instead of causing unnecessary delays in your workflow process, create a tool inventory control that your team can refer to during their shift. That way, they won’t have to try and track someone down to figure out how the process works.

Tool Inventory Control Prevents You from Spending More Than Necessary

When you don’t know where your tools are at any given time, you might think something is lost when it’s just in a strange place. If it takes too long to find, you might buy more and then find them later. If this happens just a few times, you could still end up spending hundreds of dollars. Depending on how many tools you need and if any of them are specialized, this could cost you thousands every year.

When you have a clear tool tracking system, you and your team members can find tools quickly. You also won’t end up buying as many replacements, which will save you lots of money in the long run.

Tool Tracking Gives Your Employees More Time

Does it feel like you have too much work and not enough man hours to get it done? That might be in part because your employees are spending too much time trying to track down the tools they need to work.

Having a system that makes it easy for your team to find what they need will save them a few minutes each time they need something new. This might not seem like a lot at first, but it’ll quickly add up. Inventory tracking systems tend to save companies hours each week. Your employees can then use that time to address the other work piling up.

Asset Panda’s flexible inventory tracking system is a great way to track the tools your company needs to work. The customizable fields leave room for you to store a wide variety of information on the tools essential to your workflow process. You can also add a barcode tracking feature, so you know which employees are using what items at any given time.

The software has several integrations, so you can seamlessly put it into your existing workflow. You shouldn’t have to spend a long time transferring your data into a new system. Asset Panda will gather data from what you already have.

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Bree Brouwer

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