Why Choose A Web-based Asset Tracking System?

One of the most common challenges facing businesses both large and small across virtually every industry is tracking the location, condition, maintenance and depreciation of vital assets. This data is constantly changing as equipment moves from one department to another, or outside of the building to secondary locations, with vendors or to service providers. Companies are realizing that they need a targeted web-based asset tracking system in place in order to simply keep up with all of these movable parts. Budgets, jobs, potential new business – it’s all on the line every day. And trying to keep track of assets, whether you have 100 or 100,000 shouldn’t be where you spend most of your effort. Cue in the role of the web and updated mobile technology to make the once underwhelming task of tracking assets incredibly easier.

Traditional asset tracking used to rely upon manual processes like handwritten ledgers or spreadsheets, which are vulnerable to human error and all too often were not kept up to date. The result of using those antiquated forms of asset tracking were that that companies lost track of their equipment, failed to maintain it and many times had to replace it sooner than they would have with a more efficient tracking system in place due to loss, theft, equipment failure, etc. In the worst-case scenarios, many organizations did not have any knowledge of what kind of fixed assets they owned or how much money or time they were losing annually because of these resulting inefficiencies. Business success was truly at risk.

But as business processes have evolved and workforces are going more mobile, so have the tools to track assets. Today’s web-based asset tracking software enables users perform online asset management and equipment tracking from anywhere, anytime day or night. The software uses smartphones equipped with barcode scanners to streamline the physical inventory and data entry processes for what was once time-consuming and error-prone actions like equipment checkout, barcode printing, equipment deployment, and reporting.

One of the most important functions of web-based asset tracking is that it keeps data in the cloud instead of on-site, so your data won’t disappear in disaster scenarios, server failures, or power outages. Software based in the cloud informs users about the current condition of each asset, as well as its condition over time. Such software also keeps all parties informed about maintenance records, and helps schedule asset repair, ensuring that the team stays productive. All users have 24/7 access to this information, so there is no need to guess anymore about where an asset is, who has it, and what it’s being used for.

Additional benefits that many companies now are experiencing once they incorporate a web-based asset tracking system into their daily activity log include:
  • Significant time savings
  • Reduced taxes
  • Savings on property insurance
  • Reduced asset losses
  • Fast audits
  • More accurate reporting
  • Save time and money

Asset Panda offers the most powerful and user-friendly asset tracking system on the market. With Asset Panda, organizations have complete control over the management of their assets and inventory – entirely from the mobile devices their employees already carry. This integrated system combines free mobile apps for Android and iOS devices that sync with the cloud, along with a built-in mobile scanner, eliminating the need to purchase other costly hardware and software. Clients can add as many users as they wish, and customize fields to reflect their specific needs. From the palm of your hand or on the web, Asset Panda gives you real-time information on the check- in/check-out status of equipment, what condition those items are in, their repair histories and maintenance schedules. Asset Panda’s built-in barcode scanner enables users to locate specific items that have been logged into the Asset Panda tool in a matter of seconds.

Asset Panda is a flexible tool and is incredibly easy to use. Training isn’t required, but our customer service staff is always available for questions. And most importantly, Asset Panda is extremely affordable because we don’t have hardware or software licenses to pay for upgrades, and our customers don’t have to purchase separate barcode scanners.

Asset Panda’s simple and powerful platform empowers you to track your equipment exactly how you want, saving you significant and measurable time and money – and all via the web. Try Asset Panda for free with a 14 day trial, and you’ll understand the benefit and value that web-based asset tracking will bring to your organization. Visit assetpanda.com to get started today.

Audra London

Audra London, founder of Conceptual Communications, LLC, has over 10 years of writing, public relations and marketing experience and serves as an expert on press releases, media relations, feature writing, web content and marketing copy.

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