Weeding Out The Asset Tracking Companies


There are many different asset tracking companies out there and each has their pros and cons on what their particular platform offers. For companies who are just starting the search for the right fit, it can often be an overwhelming and confusing process. With all the different options, how do you know which one is right for your particular business/industry?

So the great news is that there are multiple options available to you. There is no one-size-fits-all platform. Some asset tracking companies have a long list of features while others have just a few basic ones. Regardless which option you go with, implementing some type of asset tracking and management platform will help streamline the once-time consuming process of tracking and managing assets while enabling your employees to be more productive, efficient and accountable.

When it comes to asset tracking, you want to be sure your asset tracking company tells you 3 basic things:

  1. Where your assets are.
  2. Who has/had a particular asset.
  3. The complete maintenance/repair history of an asset.

Arm yourself with that information about all of your assets first and then you can build from there. Certain features are important no matter which asset tracking company you use. You want to find a platform that is user-friendly, easy to understand, flexible, customizable, and features mobile capabilities. Make sure your choice does more than just record serial numbers! Today’s offerings do so much more like create alerts and notifications, allow you to add photos/video, enable GPS capabilities, act as a help desk, include a mobile barcode scanner that can be used from your employees' smartphones/tablets.

Another very valuable feature to look for is if your data is stored in the cloud. As businesses look for better ways to ensure their asset data is accurate and accounted for in order to eliminate waste, duplicate purchases, and maximize buying power and save money, finding an asset tracking company that stores its data in the cloud allows businesses to collect and analyze data in real time and view it from virtually anywhere. Guesswork is a thing of the past.

You can do a long, extensive search online for “asset tracking companies.” And you’ll get some great results from your search. But there are also some good reference sites that have essentially done all the work for you.

One such resource is Camcode, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of durable pre-printed barcode labels and customized services for asset tracking applications utilizing an automatic identification and data capture. (For the novice asset tracker – barcode scanning, preferably from a built-in mobile scanner and labels are two essential features you want to include in your asset tracking software purchase!)

Camcode recently published a list of the Top Asset Tracking Software: The 56 Best Tools and Software Systems to Track Equipment and Key Physical Assets. They searched software and tool reviews, top technology sites and blogs, and expert opinions to build this list of top-rated asset tracking software solutions and tools.

Another great reference is FinancesOnline, a platform for SaaS/B2B software and financial products reviews. The site, which holds an extensive directory for software reviews, is intended to help readers find the best solutions for their respective companies. FinancesOnline compares various products side by side so that users can weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision.

PC Magazine recently released its list of the Best Asset Management Software of 2018. They have some great tips and ideas for anyone looking to narrow down their asset management software options and a great list of asset tracking companies to consider and compare.

One common name on all of these lists of asset tracking companies is Asset Panda. Asset Panda offers a powerful, flexible and yet simple asset tracking and management platform. Designed to replace expensive and outdated processes, our integrated system combines the use of free mobile iOS and Android apps, the cloud, and scanning using the devices your employees already carry. Any organization with inventory and/or assets to track can use Asset Panda and experience significant and measurable bottom-line results. There’s no need to purchase additional hardware, software or the associated licenses. In fact, you won’t even need to carry a handheld barcode scanner, since the Asset Panda app includes a mobile barcode scanner. With Asset Panda, the entire lifecycle of every one of your vital assets lives in the palm of your hand.

Want to learn more about Asset Panda? Check out the testimonials from our diverse roster of clients – healthcare, education, construction, event planners, e-commerce, religious institutions. Asset Panda is a great fit for any size business in any industry. And we offer a free 14-day trial. Take a look at all the different asset tracking companies and then come back to Asset Panda. Visit www.assetpanda.com for more info.


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