What’s New at Asset Panda: Dashboards


Here at Asset Panda, we understand the importance of being able to make informed business decisions, and quickly. To help you do so, our team is thrilled to roll out our latest feature, Dashboards! 

Dashboards is a visual collection of customizable and interactive charts so you can easily identify trends in your asset analytics and make data-driven decisions. This feature benefits users at all permission levels in any kind of organization. Whether you're a manager trying to locate a specific asset, or a director tasked with providing data in a concise way to leadership, Dashboards is available and caters to everyone in your business. 

Let's look at the Dashboards capabilities and how they can help your team work smarter.

Shareable and Interactive Charts

When you need to create alignment across your organization or efficiently communicate data to your CEO, Dashboards make it easy for you to do so. You can share Dashboards with any of your key stakeholders so you’re all on the same page, looking at the same data and making informed decisions together.

Not to mention, your dashboards are completely interactive so you can hover or click on certain data points for more details. This makes it simple for your team to analyze data and draw insights quickly.

Customizable Templates

Your business is unique, which is why your Dashboards templates are customizable to fit your needs. Choose from pie charts, line charts, or bar graphs for each chart, and include up to 20 charts on each dashboard. You can create up to 100 dashboards in Asset Panda and save and share templates as you build them. Plus, you can further customize your dashboard charts and templates by creating a color palette that matches your branding.

Enhanced Reporting and Filtering

Our Dashboards feature includes robust reporting and filtering capabilities so your team can run more detailed, customized reports. Plus, Dashboards reports can be exported as PDFs so you can easily download and share them with your key stakeholders at any time.

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