Asset Panda Helps
Cutting Edge Lawn Care
Boost Tracking, Maintenance Efforts


Cutting Edge Lawn Care is dedicated to providing the most exceptional, professional lawn care service in the city of Austin. The company’s self-described mission is “to treat every client and every person we meet with love, respect, and service – exactly the way we would like to be treated.” However, Cutting Edge wasn’t keeping track of any of its assets, besides the occasional note on a sheet of paper. Founder Todd Tindel worked with Operations Manager Philip Foltz to find a better solution.

Asset Panda was the solution Cutting Edge was looking for. Once implementing the software, the company’s team was able to:

  • Track exactly where equipment and tools were located
  • Avoid ordering extra/duplicate assets
  • Get notified of assets being sent out and coming back in
  • Anticipate and complete maintenance faster
  • Scan assets on-the-go with the mobile app’s barcode scanner

Asset Panda has been an asset — no pun intended! — to help us keep track of equipment and stay on top of what we need and don’t need.

Todd Tindel
Owner and Founder

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