Wilson County Sheriff’s Office
Saves Hours Per Week
With Asset Panda


The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office manages 270 deputies to keep the peace within their county. When Chris Andrews, Technical Services Unit Director, signed on, he immediately saw the problems that came from using spreadsheets to track assets for all of those deputies.

After years of searching for a comprehensive asset management solution, Andrews chose Asset Panda because of its customization. Once implemented, the asset tracking software provided the following solutions:

  • Created a holistic solution to track several processes, including asset management, contract management, IT help desk, and employee policies.
  • Provided insight into equipment failure and how to prevent it
  • Offered advanced fleet management measures
  • Improved understanding of how and where assets were used

Asset Panda has made our lives so much easier. I can’t remember back before it. We would still be fighting with spreadsheets, probably hundreds of spreadsheets, unorganized data and not really having a handle on what assets we have or who has them.

- Chris Andrews, Technical Services Unit Director

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