Asset Panda Delivers Easy, Affordable Asset Tracking to Hospice Care Provider

The Hospice of East Texas, a provider of compassionate care to patients and their families since 1982, needed an affordable asset tracking solution. 

 Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Time savings
  • Depreciation tracking
  • Cost-efficient
  • Asset tracking over multiple locations
  • Easy to use

Customer since: June 2017

Hospice of East Texas was on the lookout for an affordable asset tracking solution. The services of Hospice of East Texas have expanded through the years, both in numbers of patients and families served and in the scope of the service area. From 20 patients in 1982 to more than 2,000 patients and families now served each year, The Hospice of East Texas now offers its services in 23 East Texas counties, and employs a staff of 240.

We needed an affordable program to track asset purchases, disposals, and depreciation. Our assets are in several places, as well as moved from place to place. Before Asset Panda, we were tracking our assets with MAS90. This is the same accounting software we use. The asset module was "no longer supported," and an upgrade was very expensive. Plus, support was an additional cost. The unsupported software would stop the depreciation too soon -- before the assets were completely depreciated.

Hospice of East Texas uses Asset Panda's web app from our desktop computers. The software is so user-friendly, and it has shortened the time used to make the monthly depreciation entry. The reports make it easier to reconcile with our general ledger each month; they're so simple to create, copy and use. I also like that we can have the option of PDF or Excel. As the main user, I am able to create custom reports for all of our needs -- and I'm not a computer whiz. I know that Asset Panda provides so many more services than we actually need; we don't use all of the functions.

We worked with customer service during our initial setup and as we were researching and testing the product. Alex Schleimer was great. And our training and setup provided by Lori Walker were wonderful. The web app has been easy to navigate and find what we need without having to call.

Asset Panda has provided everything we needed, and the price was better than many complicated systems that we researched.

– Debbi Raney, Accountant

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