Asset Tracking for Covenant Testing Technologies Is More Efficient With Asset Panda

There’s no time for guesswork in the oil and gas industry, and Covenant Testing Technologies customers rely on them for the tools to regulate the viability and production capacity of their assets.

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • Check in/Check out status
  • Electronic signature
  • Barcode generator

Customer since: September 2017

Covenant Testing Technologies is a leading oil well flow management company with one of the largest fleets of specialized flowback and well testing assets in the world. We have the knowledge, experience, and high production volume equipment to maximize initial production and minimize risk. We also understand the importance of providing the appropriate tools and equipment as they relate to the long-term viability and production capacity of our customers’ assets.

Our corporate headquarters in Sugarland, Texas, Northern headquarters in Greeley, Colorado, and Southern headquarters in Midland, Texas, with approximately 1,200 employees company-wide. I operate out of our branch located in Northwest Louisiana, where we house 75 employees.

Covenant supplies and services temporary fracking stacks in place of the production oil well head during pressure pumping operations. We provide an array of sizing and pressure ratings based on need, with specially trained personnel to ensure quality and reliability. We are using Asset Panda to track our bigger frac valves as they move from our facility in Sibley, LA to locations close to us, and then return here for repairs and ongoing maintenance.

Initially, to track our valves, we were using an Excel Spreadsheet. It was hard to keep up with repairs and everything via Excel. We quickly discovered that Excel isn't “live” -- so we had to send the Excel spreadsheet to all employees so they could view asset data, that may not even be up-to-date. Asset Panda has changed all of that - delivering all the data on our assets, from their whereabouts, check in/check out status and even an electronic signature to show who signed for the assets, in real time.

Asset Panda has made the way we work easier. Because of the ease of accessibility in viewing data, I can “see” what information I’ve updated on our assets via the mobile app or the desktop version. I no longer have to dig through thousands of folders to find one item. The interface is easy to edit, and we can completely customize the fields to give us the exact data we need that is suited for our specific company. It’s not a one size fits all.

The scanning function as part of the mobile asset tracking capabilities is especially useful as we are working out of multiple facilities around the country. No matter where we are, we can pull up Asset Panda on our smartphones or tablets and look at our assets in real-time. There is no more guessing about where a particular asset is. And as a result, we are saving almost 4 hours a day by using Asset Panda for our tracking efforts.

Another useful feature of Asset Panda is the OneLogin integration. We have secure access across all of our users and apps and we only need a single login to access multiple business operations. This cuts out the need to generate additional login credentials for all of our users which can change from week to week. There’s no doubt that oil and gas companies can save time and money by replacing spreadsheets with Asset Panda.

– Johnathan Miller, Operations Coordinator

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