Asset Tracking for Online Media Outlets

I Love Qatar (Online Media) is an online media site, that uses Asset Panda to track and manage their video equipment.

We have only been using Asset Panda for a short time, but in that timeframe, it has been incredible! Our company, I Love Qatar, is an online media site and we provide viewers with the latest news, events, dining experiences and happenings in the region. So having the right equipment like cameras, tripods, and stabilizers available to capture all the people, places and events we cover on a daily basis is of utmost importance. Without having the knowledge of where these critical pieces of equipment are for our staff to use and ensuring it is all in proper working condition at all times, we would not be able to deliver the desired content visitors or potential visitors to Qatar seek.

We used to track our assets on an Excel spreadsheet. But as our content structure has grown along with the events and news we cover, so has the volume of equipment required to capture it. We simply needed a better way to easily track all of our assets, know who has them and when they will be returned for the next user to check out. Asset Panda has easily solved that problem for us. Asset Panda has helped us stay organized and is already proving to be cost-effective in that we have been able to keep track of assets so we don't have to buy duplicate items, or if anything is lost or missing we know who had it last and can more easily track down the item.

The barcode scanning capability via the mobile app has been especially useful, especially as we are very mobile ourselves and are using equipment both in and outside of our facility. Now we can easily scan an asset and the check in/check out data is reported in real time – there is no guessing where anything is and our staff can see when a needed item is at any given time.

Anytime we’ve had questions or encountered minor bugs and glitches at the beginning as we migrated from Excel to Asset Panda, the customer service has been top-notch and all my questions and problems have been promptly solved. Without a doubt, I would definitely recommend Asset Panda to anybody who wants to keep track of their assets in an efficient way.

– Abdullah Amir, Administrative Assistant

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