Asset Tracking for
HVAC Services

AIRTEST performs Test, Adjust, & Balance services on HVAC systems to set proper air and hydronic flows for commercial and professional facilities.

Based in Issaquah, WA, and servicing clients throughout the Pacific Northwest, AIRTEST Company, Inc. performs a test, adjust, & balance services on HVAC systems to set proper air and hydronic flows for commercial and professional facilities. A building’s “circulatory system” is its HVAC system. It transports controlled and conditioned air and water throughout the facility and is an important tool in creating a comfortable and functional workplace. The role of assets can be thought of in a similar way. These tools are moved about from place to place. Businesses cannot function without them and they need to be in good working condition at all times.

After trying, unsuccessfully I might add, to keep a spreadsheet updated to keep track of all of our test equipment locations and calibration status, we knew we needed a more effective and reliable way to track our assets. We had items on the books that were lost, probably years ago, and we were losing valuable time and money trying to locate these items time and time again. There were no notes or details to keep the team informed on where particular assets were, who had them, their check in/check out status or even their maintenance records. With 20 plus field technicians moving equipment to and from multiple locations, keeping up with all our critical assets was next to impossible.

Since migrating our asset tracking and management to Asset Panda, I feel like we cannot be without the product ever again! With Asset Panda we are able to dial in our equipment to who has what and where, calibration status, etc. When someone needs a particular instrument they can check the Asset Panda mobile app to see who has what they need, making our employees and the office as a whole more efficient. We now have an accurate inventory of who has what in real time, and there is no more hassle or struggle in trying to update spreadsheets.

 I definitely would say Asset Panda has changed the way we work from a time perspective. Personally, I am saving around an hour of time every day that would normally be spent entering data about our assets or searching for a particular tool or piece of equipment. The entire lifecycle of each asset is readily available from my desktop or phone anytime from anywhere. Our techs are saving considerable time as well in that they can each find what they need and where it is faster than ever.

Without a doubt, Asset Panda is THE tool companies need to track and manage their vital assets. I give Asset Panda a 10!

- Brent Wyman, Vice President & Operations Manager

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