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Preservation Hall (Music/Tourism/NPO) operates as a music venue, touring band and non-profit all in one. They track and manage their musical instruments with Asset Panda.

New Orleans’ Preservation Hall, situated in the heart of the French Quarter, was established in 1961 to honor one of America’s truest art forms – Traditional New Orleans Jazz. Operating as a music venue, a touring band, and a non-profit organization, Preservation Hall continues its mission today as a cornerstone of New Orleans music and culture. Preservation Hall venue presents intimate, acoustic New Orleans Jazz concerts over 350 nights a year featuring ensembles from a current collective of 100+ local master practitioners. With that many concerts occurring and equipment being constantly moved about within the venue as well as outside the venue for concerts and events around the city, keeping track of our assets is of utmost important.

The way that our organization is set up is so that there are about 40-50 different musicians that comprise multiple groups. I track all of the shared assets belonging to all of the groups, but not their personal instruments. So for example, the venue has a few different drum sets that either stay at the venue or go out on gigs around the city, but I don't track the saxophone belonging to an individual musician.

Asset Panda has been exactly what we need in terms of asset management. It is powerful, easy to use, very customizable to our specific needs, and very affordable compared to many other asset management programs available on the market today. A key benefit to Asset Panda is that pricing for the number of assets is scalable, which works perfectly for our growing business.

While Asset Panda has a great number of tools that have proved to be beneficial in keeping up with our assets, the barcode scanning feature is the most valuable to us. We have many employees using a lot of musical equipment every night for various jazz performances around the city. By having the ability to scan our assets for check in/check out right from our own smartphones or tablets, we are able to instantly track where all of these assets are going each night, who has them, and when they are returned.

In looking at cost savings, Asset Panda is definitely making an impact on our bottom line. Because we can now keep track of assets more easily, redundant purchasing has gone down. Having the ability to view up-to-date, real-time data on each asset and its lifecycle aids us, as well as our accounting team, on tracking what assets we choose to donate or throw away.

I would definitely recommend Asset Panda to any business looking to keep track of their assets no matter what size they are. Asset Panda has all of the asset management features needed for most businesses coupled with the fact that it’s a much simpler and more affordable option. Plus, the customer service is top-notch. Every time I have contacted them, we can always troubleshoot whatever issues we have and I can quickly move on to doing what I need to for daily operations at Preservation Hall and our team.

– Matt Aguiluz, Studio Engineer / Production Manager

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